Friday, 14 December 2012


Dear Yogi´s

Please find below Earth Yoga´s Christmas schedule..............

Monday 24 December
10am  Vinyasa with Jay

Tuesday 25 December

Wednesday 26 December
10am  Vinyasa with Katja

Thursday 27 December
10am Vinyasa with Patrick
7pm  Vinyasa with Frank

Friday 28 December
10am Vinyasa with Frank
7pm Vinyasa with Ivana

Saturday 29 December
10.30am Vinyasa with Katja

Sunday 30 December
10.30am Vinyasa with Jay
6pm Vinyasa with Frank

Monday 31 December
10am Vinyasa with Sandra

Tuesday 1 January

Wednesday 2 January
10am Vinyasa with Katja
6.30pm VInyasa with Sandra

Thursday 3 January
10am Beginner Vinyasa with Sandra
7pm Yin Yoga with Katja
8.45pm Vinyasa with Frank

Friday 4 January
10am Vinyasa with Sandra
7pm Happy Hour Vinyasa with Ivana

Saturday 5 January
10.30am Vinyasa with Katja

Sunday 6 January

Monday 7 January
Normal schedule begins

Also please don´t forget that we have lots of Christmas gifts at the Studio.....Jade Mats, Yoga Towels, 2013 Yoga Agendas, Yoga Pants / Tops from Mandala, wonderful MOS  (My Own Symbol) Jewellery from Claudia Liedtke, beautiful Malas from Natalia  and much much more:)

Sending you lots of love and light over the festive season.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Dear Yogis and Friends,

“ The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force, no effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.” Deepak Chopra

We are entering December and the last month of this very intense, passionate and life changing year for many of us. This is a month when life usually spins quite fast with the holidays around the corner and wrapping up the past year.

We want to invite you to step into this time of the year with your breath still solid and intact, with full consciousness and with the joy of giving. We must also take the time to look back, reflect and of course look to the future with a renewed sense of hope for 2013.

November here at Earth Yoga was great month with new classes on the schedule, David and Mirjam’s wonderful Water Module and a donation class to the animal shelter in Esporles. We are so grateful and amazed by the yogis that keep coming through our doors and the transformation that we see everyday.

So on to

We will remain with our regular schedule for Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December.

We are also happy to invite you to a special evening this coming Friday 7 December (7 pm- 9 pm) with David and Mirjam introducing
Thai Massage and Yoga. You do not need to have any experience to participate and you are welcome to come alone or with a partner. Price is 20 euros per person or 35 euros if you come with a partner. Do not miss this opportunity to move softly into your weekend!

David will be teaching a few of our regular classes this month. Please see below.....

Tuesday 4 December
6.30pm Vinyasa
8.30pm Mindful Mellow Flow .

Thursday 6 December
10am Vinyasa for Beginners

Tuesday 11 December
8.30pm Mindful Mellow Flow

Tuesday 18 December
8.30pm Mindful Mellow Flow

We are happy to introduce Mateo’s new Lunchtime class on Thursdays (2-3.30pm). This is a Vinyasa class set up for Spanish speaking students but Mateo speaks perfect English as well, so please do not let the language stop you! Mateo also teaches in Spanish every Wednesday night (8.30-10pm) As a special promotion for our
Spanish Vinyasa Classes we are offering two for the price of one. If you are paying cash the cost will be 8 euros per class or if you already have a Bono we will only cross half a tree logo each time you come. For more information please contact us at the studio.

Our lovely Kundalini teacher Jeanne will offer a healing circle for the last 15 minutes of Sandra’s 6.30pm Vinyasa class next Wednesday 12th December. This will be included in the regular practice and will be a wonderful way to help heal yourself or the world around you.

If you are looking for unique, beautiful gifts for the holidays please do come and check out our gorgeous new Jewelery from Natalia Waegner and our unique leather bracelets with silver from our talented friend Monika. Natalia has just dropped off amazing new malas, wish capsules, bracelets and other necklaces. Monika has also just left a whole new collection of wonderful bracelets. We have also got another shipment of Jade Yoga Mats but hurry as they tend to sell out fast!!

Last but not least….From 1st January 2013 we will begin charging a mat rental fee of 1 euro. We have resisted for so long…but after many, many loads of laundry and with all the energy that we are using to wash these mats, we have decided the time has come to charge a small rent fee. We will also be selling yoga mat towels that you simply put over the yoga mat to keep it clean and to keep it “yours”. We will sell these towels for a very low cost price and once you have this towel, you can borrow our mats for free!

We will remain open during the Christmas holidays but will be offering a reduced schedule. We will be sending out an email with our Christmas schedule slightly nearer the time.

Much love to you all and many blessings from us.

Earth Yoga