Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Dear Friends and Yogis,

" Ethics are vital. It is that simple. Think about what went into what you have and what effect it will have later on. Care. Be willing to try and fail. Don't make the perfect enemy of the good. The lesser of two evils may be a step forward. Or, there may be a third choice, a simpler one. Ethics. Let your daily life become a mindful one . Be curious. Be willing to listen. Be willing to be wrong. Be willing to be alone on your path. Be willing to change. "
By Waylon Lewis , Elephant Journal

Deeply inspired by change and real spring cleaning, inside and outside we are embracing warmer weather and blossoms all around . There is a sense of joy and life force that comes with warmer weather and the green fields and the almond trees showing their wonderful, sweet flowers.   We are embracing really evaluating what matters, what to hold on to and what to let go of.  

These are important questions and sometimes not always pleasant, but we must keep asking ourselves who we truly are and want to be and stand for what we believe in, even though it may be uncomfortable.   And as for relationships, material things that we tend to gather and all that stuff ...maybe now is a time to really clear out, not to buy more but to live more simply*


We are honored to welcome back our dear Jeanne Heileman who will return to teach Part 1 of her 300 Hour training (suitable for those who already have a 200 Hour background or simply want to deepen their practice ) and she will also teach an inspiring Arm Balance Workshop.   Her way of teaching is full of knowledge after more than 30 years on the yoga path. She is a master of alignment and has a deep understanding of all the philosophy that comes with yoga.    We have a few spaces left for the Tantra Flow Teacher Training that begins on Monday 20 March. For more information, please see our website and/or speak to Jay, Katja or Sandra who will be happy to talk you through what the training involves.

The Arm balance workshop on Saturday 18 March will be very hands on and Jeanne is a master of giving tips and safely guide you to poses you may not have mastered before. 

We are also incredibly excited to welcome Jivamukti Yoga teacher Petros Haffenrichter back to Earth Yoga. Petros visited us around 2 years ago and I think most of us that participated in his workshops and classes were blown away by his inspiring way of teaching and his way of weaving music, flow and intentions.   Petros will be teaching a few of our regular scheduled classes on Wednesday 15 March at 18.30-20.00 and also Monday 20 March at 10 -11.30am.    He will also be hosting a very inspiring set of workshops, be sure not to miss this as his travels take him around the world and it is rare to get him to come and visit.

We wish you a wonderful month full of happiness, nature and yoga.

Sandra, Jay, Katja and the rest of the  Earth Yoga Team

*If you want to find out more about how to live a more purpose filled life and embrace perhaps living more simply with less things, check out The Minimalists podcast and website or see the documentary The Minimalists.