Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Dear Yogis ,

"Service is when spirit meets matter where it is. Service is being informed. Service is being enraged and compassionate.   Service is being ruthlessly honest about the facts and then choosing to be hopeful about the future.
Work on what hurts the most. Pick your issue and begin by really looking at the hard stuff and then feel the pain. Entertain despair.....And then pick a cause and apply your LOVE to it."

Danielle de La Porte

Deeply inspired by this season and the Art of Giving where it counts the most - we embrace December and all the wonderful things about the upcoming holiday, whatever you believe in.    We hope to inspire you to not only give to your near and dear ones this coming month, but also to a cause well beyond your familiar zone , a cause close to your heart.

We try to host a donation class every month, sometimes twice per month - it makes us happy and as we feel incredibly blessed to do what we love, have shelter and love around us -  to give back comes natural.  This Friday 1st December our dear friend Mirjam Wagner will guide us through a Gratitude Practice and all donations will go towards Allen Graham Charity For Kids. We have come to know this charity through our dear yogi friend Simon Hill. The charity is based on the island and they help care for disadvantaged children and young adults who have not had the opportunity to develop skills or had access to the most basic needs . This charity also delivers over 700 christmas gifts to children in need. We really hope to see you there!

Also on Saturday 2 December we will host one of our last meditation practices " The Art Of Stillness " at Fundacio Joan Miro . We have loved this collaboration guiding beginners and advanced into mediation in front of these grand paintings and to be in stillness with others.. It has been a beautiful experience for all the teachers involved.   After collecting the money donated for these meditations we will donate all of it to another children's charity called Fundacio Nazaret which is also based here on the island. It will be handed over before Christmas so that they can share the money for christmas gifts. The children of this charity have also been invited to a private tour of the Joan Miro Museum.

We offer some more treats for your mind and soul on Monday 4th December.....

You can receive a healing session with the tibetan bowls right after our morning class at 11.30 in the small shala. Jack who has played with us before, will set up his deeply sacred bowls in the small shala* and right after the regular morning practice those who want can go into the small shala to receive both individual healing through the bowls and in a group. The session will take no longer than 40 min and will cost 15€. We can highly recommend this and the benefits and healing from these sacred bowls is quite something.
  *Please note that our beginners class on Monday Dec 4 is cancelled as Karin is away in Sweden.

To honor the Full Moon we will also offer a mantra singing and meditation after the evening practice in the large shala from 8pm - 8.30pm.  We will be guided by Veronica Ghio into healing mantras and meditation. The cost for this is 8 euros.

For our German Friends who are new to yoga. Frank is offering a two hour Beginners workshop taught in German which will take place in the smaller shala from 6pm - 8pm. For those who would like to join together to eat something after the course, we will book a table in local restaurant. The cost per class is 25€ (the evening meal is optional and not included in the class price)

Continuing the winter spirit we are happy to welcome David Lurey back to Earth Yoga for his winter warming weekend! This takes place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December. Spaces are beginning to fill up so please get in touch if you would like us to reserve you a place.

We are also happy to introduce two deeply nourishing Restorative Classes before Christmas with Sarah .
The first one will take place on Wednesday 13 December at 2 pm and the second one on Wednesday 20th December at 2 pm.
Bono Cards accepted . Restorative yoga is allowing yourself to be fully supported with bolsters , blankets and straps to completely let go and receive the benefits of calming the nervous system. A blessing for the hectic soul.

Our Christmas Schedule will be posted very soon, but for the holidays that take place next week please note that on Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th December our Santa Catalina studio will have the following regular classes:

Wednesday 6th December
10am Vinyasa with Brent
10am Gentle Yoga with Stefanie
6.30pm Vinyasa with Sandra

Friday 8th December
10am Vinyasa with Sandra
6.30pm Vinyasa with Brent 

In our Portals studio our morning classes will continue as normal on the fiesta days (6th / 8th December) and we are also happy to offer a totally new class to the schedule....the 9.30am class on Wednesday mornings is now an aerobic/toning class incorporating yoga poses in a different way. This class is taught by Katja and she looks forward to welcoming you!

Last but not least .....our dear friends who are part of A Christmas Carol will perform again this year at the Sala Mozart in the Auditorium. This is a wonderful adaptation of the Charles Dicken's classic with music, english language and a cast including many well known faces from Earth Yoga! Please join us and book your ticket at . This is a wonderful way of getting into the christmas spirit and supporting a local theatre company with an international cast!

We wish you peace, heart and soulful practice and as always- thank you for allowing us to do what we love the most - teach and share heart and love

With Love

Sandra and the Rest of the Earth Yoga Team


A wonderful Christmas gift for husbands, partners or any male friend looking to find out more about yoga! David is hosting a Yoga for Men Weekend 12-14 January 2018 at Earth Yoga. Please contact either David or Earth Yoga for more information.


The Early Bird price for Jeanne Heileman´s 300hr Tantra Flow Teacher Training (Part 3) ends on 15th January 2018. For more information please get in touch

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Dear Friends,

“ To heal we need to look everywhere for our Light, turning outward and inward, to the north, the south, east and west. Walking in many worlds at once, and of course, bringing our findings back home – creating where we belong.”
 Danielle de La Porte

As we write this newsletter to you we have just experienced a weekend with the most magical full moon. Giving us time to let things go, to reflect and to be reminded of the importance of staying still – pausing and just take it all in….the moon, the change of the season and nature silently dropping its summer glory and moving into rest and stillness.

We have had a beautiful fall here and enjoyed the teachings of Chris Chavez, Simon Parks and our dear teacher and friend Jeanne Heileman.   We feel very fortunate to host and participate in their teachings as we continue to grow and evolve with you all.


We have two wonderful cacao ceremonies taking place this month together with our Yin Yoga teacher Emily Larkin.   This will be a special ceremony with raw, ceremonial cacao, guided meditation and yin yoga .  They will take place on Saturday 11th and also Saturday 25th November from 18.00 until 21.00. The Price for the session is 39€. If you are interested in taking part please get in touch.

We are also happy to re introduce our beginners classes on Mondays at 10-11.30am This class will be for beginners or simply for those who want to slow the pace and flow with more awareness and ease.   Karin is a teacher trained in Sweden and she is very excited to teach this beginners class. The first class begins on Monday 13 November in the small shala.


Since August we have been co creating and hosting the “ Art of Stillness “ with the Fundacio of Joan Miro and we have loved seeing people from all walks of life join our monthly meditations there . Our next one will be Saturday 2 December (9 - 9.45am) it is a seated meditation in front of the paintings of Joan Miro . All welcome and all donations go towards Funcacio Nazaret who work with children here on the island.

We are also proud that with the generosity of all of you we managed to raise 750 euros for the relief fund for Puerto Rico over the course of one day in October. Thank you!

Our next donation and gratitude practice here at Earth Yoga will be hosted by Mirjam Wagner and takes place on Friday 1st  December at 10am. All donations again will go towards a local charity.


In December we are also happy to offer a winter warming weekend with David Lurey. It will take place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December. To register please get in touch either by email or come and take to us at  reception.

We look forward to sharing yoga, love and blessings with you all this month!

Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team