Monday, 22 January 2018


Dear Yogi´s

" The chief Beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance .
The next year , the next day , the next hour are lying , ready and
waiting for you.

As perfect , as unspoiled as if you had never wasted or mis applied a single moment in your life .

You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose." 
Albert Bennett

" The Morning will come - it has no choice "

As we embark on a new year with it´s magic of new beginnings, we feel honored to have ended 2017 with so many of you that showed up for our last practice of the year on New Years Eve.  We were over 80 humans setting our intentions, breathing and moving together .
We felt humbled and so moved by your presence and focus. Thank You!   We also hope that you enjoyed the super moon over New Years and the first few days of January. A time to reflect, harvest and let go.

We have some wonderful offerings coming up this month - to connect, boost and align not only with yourself but humanity.

We begin with an invitation to our german speaking friends. Frank Andre is offering a Yoga for Beginners Workshop taught in German on Monday 8th January. This will take place in the smaller shala between 6- 8pm. There is also an opportunity to have a meal after the class with the group. To register please contact frank :


We are happy to offer our Yearly " Introduction to Yoga for Men " with David LureyThis is for all men who might feel intimidated to show up for a regular yoga practice but who have heard about the benefits of yoga and who want to begin with basics in a safe and practical way. David has hosted this workshop for a number of years and the feed back has been very positive. There are a few places left, please contact us at for more info or to reserve a spot for a friend who might benefit from this.

Also on Friday 12th January we are happy to offer an Essential Oils Discovery Workshop. It will take place at Earth Yoga from 2-4pm and is free of charge. In this workshop you will learn: To incorporate essentials oils into your basic health & skin care regime; How the aromatheraphy benefits of old can aid our overall well being and emotional balance through the day; How essential oils can replace harsh & toxic home cleaning products.  Please contact Zoe - 652 295 266 or leave your contact details at the reception desk.


The following weekend we are proud to introduce a 3 hour workshop in Transformational Breath for the first time here at Earth Yoga . I did this practice a few years back in Bali and had one of the most profound experiences in my life, so I am happy to introduce Brian Williams and Lucy Scott who are both certified facilitators of Transformation Breath.  This powerful and profound breathing technique works on 3 levels : Physical , emotional and spiritual . Take the opportunity to fully revitalize your physical being , release and integrate trapped emotions and connect to who you truly are.

Date : Saturday 20 January. Time :  4 - 7pm. Cost : 35 Euros.   For more information please contact Brian at or email the studio at  

Another healing element that we are receiving to share with you all is a Crystal Bed from the sacred place of John of God. This bed will has been generously borrowed to us from our dear yogi and friend Simon Hill . 

What is a Crystal Bed?
A crystal bed has 7 extremely clear and highly polished quartz  crystals suspended approx 12 inches above the client lying on a massage table . Each of the crystals has been cut to a specific frequency and each is aligned above one of our 7 chakras or energy centers .
Colored lights radiate light and energy  through each crystal to cleanse , balance and align your energies. The client receiving this rests face up, eyes closed and bathing in the energy.   The sessions are very healing and integrating.   We will place the crystal bed upstairs in our " office " and there will be absolute privacy there . We will make this donation based and each session is 25 min, so you can go right after yoga practice or anytime during the day to receive the crystal healing.   We will donate the money towards charity for children , animals, the environment and refugees.    Receive healing to give. Min donation will be 8 euro per session. Please contact us at reception to book your session.

On the path of healing, please join Mirjam Wagner for a healing Yin Yogasession on Friday 26 January to receive stillness, moving deep into the fascia and letting go. Mirjam will be accompanied by the sacred music from Luis Paninagua- someone who has deeply touched the heart of both Mirjam and David Lurey .   On Saturday 27th January we are incredibly proud to offer a One Time Concert with Luis Paninagua Time : 7pm - 9pm . Price : 20 euros. Spaces are limited for both of these special events. To register please contact David Lurey -

David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner will also be back at Earth Yoga in February when they will be hosting their Level II Teacher Training. For more information please visit /

We will be hosting our last "Art of Stillness" in collaboration with Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró Mallorca.   We have really loved sharing the first Saturday morning every month at the Museum in front of his paintings with an open meditation, open for all .   This has been donation based both from the museum and from us at Earth Yoga - at the end of January we will hand over all donations towards Fundacio Nazaret, an organization that works with children that have struggled through loss of parents, abandonment or are simply in foster care .
The date is Saturday 13 January at 9 - 9.45am. Come as you are and drop into stillness .


We also want to take this time to remind you of our next training coming up with Jeanne Heileman. It takes place from Monday 26 February until Saturday 10 March. This will conclude her last part of her 300hr Tantra Flow Training.   This last 100 hour module explores the fourth inner layer, where the joyous, wisest part dwells within each of us. Known as Buddhi, this wisdom layer is accessed only then the mind has developed the skill for concentration, allowing the veil of ignorance to be removed.

As teachers of Earth Yoga, many of us have taken this training and we are so proud to offer Jeanne with her tremendous history and knowledge of the yoga path . You will emerge as a teacher or just a student wishing to deepen your practice with a training that has not only given you tools for how to enrich your teachings and practice but also with tools for life.   The Early Bird Price ends on Monday 15 January, please contact us for more details either at the reception or talk in person with Katja, Sandra or Jay.

Let us grow stronger in 2018 together, let us face both our shadows and our incredible Light .   Together we need our practice to be our guide, our place of healing so that we can go out into the world and act in it with courage and love .   We need more than ever not to shy away from the world and all its grace and grit- but to actively immerse ourselves into it and manifest the world we long for .

With Love

Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team