Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Dear Friends,

" There is a legacy deep within us , a legacy of instinct , a legacy of deep inherited feelings , which may lie very deep in the tissues- it may lie deep under all the parts of civilization which we are familiar with on a daily basis , but it has not gone -  we may have left the natural world , but the natural world has not left us."  By Michael Mc Cain - naturalist 

I fell in love with this quote when I heard it as it resonates so deep in so many of us .....and with spring blossoming all around us, birds are sharing their beautiful song ......if we just step outside, into the wild ...and listen. I think no matter where we come from or what life we live, most of us are moved by the spring and re birth.   Our lives are mostly moving in a linear way and the promise of re birth after all that has been frozen connects us to that life is indeed moving in a cycle .

Spring is an opportunity to take stock, to re value and clean inside and out.   Where are we heading? Are we spending enough time doing what deeply connects us to our hearts?  Are we using our energy wisely caring for ourselves, those loved ones around us and also our planet ?  We are honored to walk together on this path of self reflection, nurturing not only ourselves but all around us - let us continue to inspire and evolve together .

This month we are creating a few changes to our schedule and are welcoming some new teachers to Earth Yoga:

After almost 8 years of guiding and nurturing our community every Saturday Morning our dear Katja has decided to spend more time with family, animals and self on Saturday mornings. We are so grateful for all the hours, all the talks, the tears, the smiles and love that Katja has shared with all of our Santa Catalina community. As many of you know our Saturday classes with Katja rarely ended on time :) as she was always giving that little bit extra and more heart. We are sad to see her go but please know that Katja has not left Earth Yoga !   She is still teaching and managing our space in Portals and we will bring her to you in Santa Catalina for subbing as much as we can. In fact she will be teaching Sandra´s regular class this coming Friday 11 May at 10am.

We are very excited to introduce Silje who will be taking over our Saturday 10 am classes. Silje is a wonderful teacher from Norway with many years of experience teaching both Jivamukti Yoga and Flow Yoga. Our 10.30 practice with Silje on Saturdays will now be a Jivamukti class - filled with a dynamic flow practice, chanting and theme of the month.

Please know that Emily will still be teaching her Yin Yoga practice in the Small Shala every Saturday at 10.30.

We are also introducing a change on Thursday evenings ...Frank has served our community with his safe alignment and breath inspired practice. He has inspired many yogis with his warm heart and enthusiasm for the practice of yoga.  However, he will no longer be teaching the Thursday evening slot at 19.00 but we will instead teach the Earth Yoga Power Hour with Frankevery Wednesday at 17.45- 18.45 .  This will take place in the small shala and will be for those of you who really want to strengthen and build heat through a shorter and more dynamic practice. The first Power Hour Class will take place on Wednesday 16th May.

We are really happy to introduce Annie as our teacher for the regular Vinyasa Flow practice on Thursdays at 19.00. She will guide a dynamic vinyasa practice with deep focus on breath and the promise of longer stretches towards the end of the practice .

We will pause our Candle Light Healing Yoga Practice for the spring / summer and look forward to sharing this practice again with you when fall and winter arrives. Stephanie will still teach her 10am Wednesday morning practice which is a wonderful blend of Yang and Yin practice .


As well as the changes to our regular schedule we also have some exciting events taking place over the next couple of months.....

We begin with a chance to experience the magic of Wim Hof breathing techniques with Luke Wills at Earth Yoga. This 2 hour workshop will begin at 20.15 straight after Sandra's Vinyasa Class this evening (Wednesday 9 May). If you have any questions or would like to book please email or call Tracy on 636 169 628

This coming Saturday 12 May we welcome Anabel Miranda back to Earth Yoga. She will be hosting an Arm Balance and Hip Opening Workshop. Please get in touch if you would like to reserve a space :

Nico Luce  is one of the most inspiring teachers that have shared their knowledge at Earth Yoga . We are so lucky to have him back with us in June . He blends the philosophy of yoga, movement and deep ancient teachings in such a wonderful way . Once again please contact us for more info or to reserve your spot.

And finally, Jeanne Heileman will be back at Earth Yoga and hosting her 200hr Tantra Flow Teacher Training  between 17 - 30 September and 22 October - 3 November 2018. Registration is now open and there is an early bird price of 2900€ if paid before 18 June 2018. If you are wanting to take your practice to the next stage or are interested in becoming a yoga teacher then this could be training for you. Please speak to Sandra, Jay or Katja to find out more about Jeanne and her teachings.

We look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and The Earth Yoga team