Thursday, 9 May 2013


“ We make a mistake when we wait for heaven, wait for enlightenment, wait for change.   It is not going to happen in the future , it IS happening. It is within our experience. Now is the time.”  
Peter Rhodes

Dear Yogis,

May is upon us and many of us have been fully immersed in Isabelle Thill´s wonderful workshop this past weekend.  We are always happy to introduce new teachers who come to visit and give us new inspiration, ideas and ways to practice yoga.   Along with that we are also so proud of our "home" teachers who continue to teach with such commitment, dedication and love.

This month we are super happy to have David Lurey back for guest teaching and also very proud to host David and Mirjams “ FIRE Module” here at Earth Yoga.   David´s teaching schedule for May is as follows :

Wednesday 8 May
18.30 pm Vinyasa

Friday 10 May
10 am Vinyasa

Monday 20 May
10 am Vinyasa

Wednesday 22 May
18.30 Vinyasa

Also due to David and Mirjam hosting the fire module here at Earth Yoga from Sunday 12 May through to Saturday 18 May there will be a slight change of our schedule next week. Please see below for the classes that will be cancelled......

Monday 13 May
8 am Kundalini
2pm Beginner Vinyasa
5pm Kids Yoga

Thursday 16 May
8 am Kundalini*

Friday 17 May
8 am Vinyasa

We apologize for any inconvenience!

For those of you interested in the experience of fully immersing yourself into yoga and getting in touch with the chakra and element of fire please contact David or Mirjam for more info at


Our wonderful Jeanne who teaches kundalini here at Earth Yoga is also offering a Sadhana practice for the age of aquraius on Sunday 19 May.  Sadhana is a discipline that moves us toward cosmic consciousness and self realization.  To reach samadhi or self realization, we must consciously seek to unite with higher consciousness, or simply chose to stay asleep. A sadhu is a being who has disciplined himself. Sadhana is the technique to discipline yourself.  To practice Sadhana means to get up at dawn, meditate, chant mantras, perform asanas, call on your spirit and regulate your breath and join together in group consciousness to help eachother and to help the world and the new Golden age of consciousness.    According to ancient yogic teachings, the ambrosial hours, the time between 4 and 7 in the morning, are the best time to practice yoga and meditation. The stillness that pervades at this time of day makes it easier for the subconsicous mind and the different energy and glandular systems in the body to be receptive to the attunement generated by meditative practices.   Sadhana is discipline and commitment, a commitment to yourself to become the best you that you can be by discipliing yourself and eliminating ego and the negative mind,
Please join with Jeanne in lifting group consciousness
Sunday 19 May
6:30am - 9:00am - 75 min yoga asana - 60 minutes mantra meditation
Open to all - No experience required
This will be a donation based class.


Last but by no means least…..we are thrilled to announce the opening of Earth Yoga 2 in Portals Nous. In conjunction with sporting fitness we have our own space overlooking the sea, it is situated next to Mood Beach Club.  We feel very supported and proud to be working together with Xavi and Pepe from Sporting Fitness and really believe that yoga will be a wonderful complement to the other training that sporting fitness do.   We aim to create the same feeling as in Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina which will of course remain the home base with the same schedule as before. We are so grateful for your support over the years and now feel it is the time to grow and spread yoga to a different community.    Please tell your friends who live around the area of Portals and who are looking for a place to practice Vinyasa yoga.

We look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina and Portals:) very very soon.

Love and Light


PS : Save the date in your diary as world renowned yoga teacher Coral Brown will visit Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina from Saturday 1 June. Please visit our website for more information. xxxxxx