Thursday, 27 November 2014


Dear Yogis,

Once you have flown,  you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return”
Leonardo da Vinci

I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day, a day where we are reminded of all the amazing things that life has to offer and a day where we take a moment to stop and honor the people, beings, animals that are in our lives.    It is proven many times that when we as people choose to give thanks, choose to stop in our tracks and look at all the things that we do have in our lives, we are much happier.

So being grateful is good for the body, mind and spirit!    As we become more conscious of the things that root us, that we sometimes take for granted, we then become more free to fly .

We are embarking on December,  a month of preparing for the holidays, socializing, baking, eating and being together. We love this month and look forward in supporting you to also let go, breathe and come back to centre even though your outer world may be busy.

However we end November on a high with a Shiva Shakti Weekend hosted by Mirjam and David. They are back home in Mallorca for a while from long travels teaching everywhere from Crete to Germany.

There are still a few spaces left so if you would like to sign up for what will be a nurturing and wonderful way to welcome the month of December.  Please contact either Earth Yoga or contact Mirjam and David directly /

Due to the Thai Massage Exchange taking place on Friday evening, where silence and stilling the mind is very much the focus, there will be NO 7pm Vinyasa class with Agnes.   Please note that Katja will be teaching her regular 10.30am Saturday morning practice but in the smaller shala. As there will be two classes going on at the same time on Saturday morning, please be a yogi and respectful of keeping voices down both before and after class!  Rebecca will contine to teach her regular 10.30am class on Sunday but again due to the Yin Yoga and Live Music event taking place in the afternoon there will be no 7pm vinyasa class with Frank..

On Tuesday 2 December, we are happy to offer our monthly Full Moon Gong Meditation with Jeanne Lurie,  Anna and Andy here at Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina. We will practice Kundalini Yoga from 8.15 pm- 9.15 pm and then the Gong meditation with Anna and Andy will begin right after at 9.20pm until 10.20pm. This will be in combination with the full moon and it is a powerful very healing way to practice . If you come for either Kundalini or the Gong meditation separately, the price is 14€ but they work really nicely together for a combined price of 20€

Katja will be hosting our first workshop in our space in Portals !
The date is Friday 5 December from 12- 3pm.  She will teach and break down Surya Namaskara A ( Sun Salutation A) in a very safe and alignment based way. We are limiting the spaces to 10 people and we already have quite a few sign ups, so if you are interested in how to approach this very healing and common practice, please contact us at

On Sunday 14 December, Jeanne will be hosting her Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop, this time in Spanish.  Jeanne teaches how to both prevent and stay your most vibrant, in order to avoid breast cancer.  She will teach breathing techniques , food, supplements and asanas.

Also on Sunday 14th December (4-5pm), we are happy to welcome once again Emily Larkin and Emiline Emmeline Gee from the Mallorca Laughter Club! Join them for an hour of laughter and general merriment! They will do a series of laughter exercises and deep breathing exercises to get you giggling and guffawing. It's a great stress-buster and should leave you smiling for the rest of the day :-) No experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and to laugh your troubles away. All ages welcome. Suggested donation to cover our costs: €5-€10   Do not miss this healing moment to let yourself go, laugh and see the good things in life!

On Saturday 20 December,  our dear Jeanne will be offering an early morning Sadhana. A Sadhana is a discipline that moves us toward cosmic consciousness and self realization.  To reach samadhi or self realization, we must consciously seek to unite with higher consciousness, or simply chose to stay asleep. A sadhu is a being who has disciplined himself. Sadhana is the technique to discipline yourself.  To practice Sadhana means to get up at dawn, meditate, chant mantras, perform asanas, call on your spirit and regulate your breath and join together in group consciousness to help each other and to help the world and the new golden age of consciousness.
Time : 6:30am - 9:00am - 75 min yoga asana - 60 minutes mantra meditation.   Open to all - No experience required.   This will be a donation based class.

Our Prenatal Yoga & Mummy / Baby Yoga classes with Philippa will be paused on Tuesday 9 December and Thursday 11 December as Phillipa is away. But they will then resume again the following week.

Our dear meditation teacher Ezrah has been doing wonderful meditations here at our shala in Santa Catalina and we hope to host meditation classes in our shala in Portals very soon.  However, Ezrah is going away to Mexico for the holiday period, so we will have a break from the meditation sessions from December 14 through to January 7.

Finally, as we are moving closer to Christmas, David Lurey will be covering a few of Sandra´s classes as she will be busy preparing for the Theatre production of “ A Christmas Carol” that will be running from 12th - 21st December at the Teatre Municipal Catalina Valls, Passeig de Mallorca 9, Palma.

It is a family show and many people dear to us are participating….Sandra, her husband Drew ( aka Mr Scrooge) their children Joshua and Aidan and Jay´s daughter Lucia.  If you are interested in seeing the show which is a wonderful blend of music, spirit and actors from all ages then please contact for more information.

As for David´s classes over the next coming weeks, he will be teaching the following dates / times :

Thursday 4 December
10  - 11.30am

Wednesday 10 December
6.30 - 8pm

Thursday 11 December
10 - 11.30am

Friday 12 December
10 - 11.30am

As many of you know all of David´s classes are a great blend of deeper listening, dynamic movement and pranayama.

We wish you all the most blessed month and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team

PS . We will be sending out our Christmas schedule a bit closer to the holid

Friday, 31 October 2014


Dear Yogis
“ We are born to be real, not perfect”
We welcome another month and notice the days getting shorter, the season of Vata coming into its own rhythm and the cooling down at night. We have been blessed by an amazing fall, with warm weather and bright days but now there is also a longing for slowing down, enjoying the stillness that the cooler and darker months give us.
Earth Yoga has blossomed during the month of October and we have enjoyed welcoming Christian Klix to Earth Yoga as well as offering quite a few new classes on the schedule.   We feel as always such gratitude to our new and old friends who keep supporting us in what we love to do.
For the month of November we have many things to share with you……
To celebrate the Taurus full moon Andy and Anna will be hosting a Gong and Didgeridoo Sound Mediation on Tuesday 4 November.  The mediation takes place directly after Jeanne´s Kundalini Class.

Jeanne Lurie will be hosting a Healthy Breast Awareness Workshop on Saturday 8 November at 11am.

On Sunday 9 November (1pm – 2pm) Join with Emilly Larkin and Emmeline Gee from the Mallorca Laughter Club for an hour of laughter and general merriment! They will do a series of laughter exercises and deep breathing exercises to get you giggling and guffawing. It's a great stress-buster and should leave you smiling for the rest of the day :-) No experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and to laugh your troubles away. All ages welcome. Suggested donation to cover our costs: €5-€10

We are really honored to welcome Meghan Curie to our studio.  Meghan is a good friend of Brent Mackay and through her teaching on the island last year, we are really happy to be able to welcome here at Earth Yoga.  We understand that many slots have already been taken so if you are interested in practicing with Meghan and experiencing her soulful teachings then please contact Earth Yoga as soon as possible as it will soon be sold out!

Unfortunately David Lurey´s workshop on Saturday November 8th has been cancelled.  David has been immersed in teaching with Mirjam in their level 2 training in Crete and when the opportunely to study with one of his favorite teachers during the weekend of the 8th November came up, he decided to join this teacher for some new inspiration.   He will be back at Earth Yoga later in the month. Together with Mirjam they will be hosting a Shiva Shakti weekend on 28 – 30 November:

We also wanted to remind you about our new classes that  have been added to the Autumn schedule
Mondays : 
2pm - 3.30pm         
Yin Yoga, Healing in stillness with Emily Larkin. This is a wonderful way to slow down, going deep within both the physical  and mental body
8.30pm – 9.30pm   
Open Meditaion with Ezrah Donation based practice.   (Beginning Monday 10 November)
10am – 11-30am   
ISHTA Yoga with Sarah. A mindful, slower paced vinyasa practive with focus on breath and alignment.
11 – 12pm               
Pregnancy Yoga with Phillipa. If you are pregnant or planning to become, give yourself and your baby this wonderful gift. The wise teaching can revolutionize how you experience your body, your baby's development and your baby's birth.
2pm - 3.30pm         
Kundalini Yoga with Linda. A yoga practice taught in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan where students feel renewed, open and centered after the practice.
8.30am – 9.30pm /  
11.45 – 12.45pm    
 Open Meditaion with Ezrah Donation based practice.
 (Beginning Wednesday 5 November)

6.30pm – 8pm        
We have added a Vinyasa Practice in Spanish with Mateo. This class takes place at the same time as Sandra´s Vinyasa class. If you or you know of anyone who would be interested in a Spanish only practice then please come along to experience Mateo´s teachings.
10 – 11.30                
We have added an extra morning Kundalini  practice with Linda. This takes place in the smaller shala and takes place at the same time as Sandra regular 10am Vinyasa class.
1pm – 2pm              
Mommy and Baby yoga with Phillipa. A chance for mums and babies to practice, meet and bond together.
2pm – 3.30pm        
ISHTA Yoga with Sarah
Vinyasa Flow with Rebecca. If you are looking for a strong vinyasa class then this will be a class to come to.
 All of our other regular classes are running as usual and we are so proud of all of our teachers from Katja, Angela, Margit, Agnes, Jeanne, Linda, Frank, Mateo, Jay, Sarah, Emily, Julia, Rebecca, Tracy and Phillipa.  Sitting in our long overdue teachers meeting on Tuesday it was with such joy to see all of our teachers talking about how we can grow together and share what we love – YOGA.
We are happy to announce that we now also see Ziva´s most popular juices and snacks at Earth Yoga. You can buy a Zen or Detox juice or snack on Maca Truffles or Super Balls.
Later in the month we are very excited to have Ulrika Forsell, an Ayurvedic Life Coach join our team. Ulrika will be at Earth Yoga on a regular basis, offering Dosha Consultations and coaching on both lifestyle and nutrition to support your body, mind and spirit.   If you are interested in booking a consultation with Ulrika, please contact her at ulrika@behappy.seor Earth Yoga at
And finally, unfortunately we have decided to cancel our lunchtime class and evening classes in our Portals studio. We will be keeping our regular morning classes and also our Kids Yoga classes on Monday afternoons. For the latest schedule please visit our website and click on the schedule for Portals.
That is it for now, we send you blessings, love and look forward to sharing lots of soulful practices with you!

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team

Friday, 29 August 2014


Dear Yogis,

"And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, "This is important!
And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!"
And each day, it´s up to you to yank your hand back put it on your heart and say,
"No. This is what´s important"

- Iain Thomas

We are super excited to be able to welcome all of our dear yogis back after a long hot summer!   We so very happy to get back in to a routine and of course getting some healthy discipline back into our lives.   Back to our mat, our practice, our breath and our work using this time to detox both mind, body and soul .

We look forward to welcoming Simon Park to Earth Yoga next weekend (5-7 September).

 If you are interested in signing up for one or all of his workshops then please contact us at reception or email us at


Our regular schedule begins this coming Monday  1st September.  We are very happy to add the following classes to our calendar........ (gentle warning there is a lot of information listed below you do not need to memorize it as it is listed on our calender on the website!!)

On Monday 1 September, we will be offering a new lunchtime class (2 - 3.30pm) with Emily Larkin. Emily will be teaching a Yin Yoga :  Healing in Stillness class. Yin Yoga is a static practice focused on the more yin areas of our body, such as the bones, joints and connective tissue around our hips, pelvis, and spine.  It is a beautiful complement to the more muscular, rhythmic (yang) styles of practice. Postures are all practiced on the floor, and held for a longer period of time (3-5 mins).  By practicing in safe and controlled positions, we can surrender into the relaxation of the muscles and allow the connective tissue to be gently and safely maintained. We practice in a state of mindful awareness, fully present in our bodies and sensations that arise within.  The poses and use of breath and awareness encourages the increased flow of chi through the meridians of the lower body, bringing balance and healing.   This class is suitable for students of all levels.

Pregancy Yoga with Philipa will begin on Tuesday 16th  September at 11am. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, give yourself and your baby this wonderful gift. The wise teaching can revolutionize how you experience your body, your baby's development and your baby's birth. This class will take place in the smaller shala in Santa Catalina.   Philipa will also be teaching a Mummy and Baby class on Thursdays at 12pm starting on 18th September. This will be a gentle stretch class that will incorporate playing and singing with your baby.

Katja will restart her weekly Beginner Vinyasa class on Wednesday 3rd September at 2pm

We will be offering an ISHTA inspired / Dynamic Hatha yoga class with Sarah at 2pm on Thursdays. Sarah will begin teaching on 11th September. This class is a wonderful blend of Hatha, breath and alignment . It will be a great complement to those who love a dynamic practice but without the constant movement of a Vinyasa Practice.

We are changing our evening Yin Class with Julia. It will now take place after Sandra´s Vinyasa class on Wednesday evenings. This will begin on Wednesday 10th September.  Yogis will have the chance to practice a flow class and then stay on for a Yin Practice.   Sandra will begin her Vinyasa at the normal time of 6.30pm but end it slightly earlier (after a nice cool down) at 8.45pm. The Yin practice with Julia will then begin 8pm -  9.15pm  If you choose to do both practices (Vinyasa and Yin), please talk to reception for price info.

Mateo will resume his Vinyasa classes in Spanish on Wednesday 17 September. He will teach two classes : 6.30-8pm (level 2 class) and 8.30pm-10pm (level 1-2).

Due to the change of day for the evening Yin Class, Frank will now be teaching his Vinyasa class at an earlier time of 7pm on Thursdays. This comes in to effect on Thursday 11 September.
Jeanne will also be starting a Hatha yoga class designed for people recovering from injuries and for mature yogis. This will begin at 8pm on Thursday 11 September.

We would like to offer a meditation class at Earth Yoga.  Our friend Ezra will be offering an introduction to meditation during Sandra´s Mindful Vinyasa class on Thursday 11 September.  Ezra has a long background in meditation and has hosted many meditation groups over the past years.
If we find we have a group of more than four people then we can then work it into our schedule.  We suggest the following days/times for the mediation class : Tuesday 8.30am-9.30am /
Wednesdays 10am-11am / Thursdays 8.30pm-9.30pm. Please let us know if you are interested in the suggested days/times.

Kundalini with Linda will resume mid September. We will keep you posted.

Our classes in Portals are running as normal!

We send you much love and look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team


Saturday 20 September
Music Together with Bea will be hosting a free demo class at 12.30pm. It is suitable for babies from 6mths to children age 6 years.  Bea takes the children on a musical adventure with singing (both English and Spanish) and using musical instruments.  Please do come along and join in the fun.

20-21 September         
AcroYoga Weekend workshops with Ivana and Daniel Anner. Information to follow

10 – 14 October
Guest Teacher Ashtanga Teacher Christian Klix . Information coming soon.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Dear Yogis,

We are very pleased to be able to offer a Jivamukti Yoga weekend here at Earth Yoga.  We welcome Petros* to our studio in Santa Catalina on 23 - 24 August where he will be hosting the following events.......

Jivamukti Masterclass

Jivamukti Yoga Phylosophy & Practice

Transform yourself with Jivamukti Yoga. A workshop to meet and learn about the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:  A Jivamukti Yoga class involves an ever changing flow of postures (vinyasa) that is intended to challenge you on many levels. The teaching revolves around a theme based on ancient wisdom and emphasizes the importance of practicing with an elevated intention. Chanting, meditation, and inspiring music are an important part in this form of practice.

The five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga are:

Scripture ~ source teachings from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures.
Bhakti ~ devotion; finding a greater purpose for our lives.
Ahimsa ~ non-harming; understanding how our actions affect other beings.
Music ~ Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound), chanting and listening to good music.
Meditation ~ turning inwards and reconnecting to our true selves

Date : Saturday 23 August
Time : 11 – 1.30pm
Price : 35€

Kriya / Asana / Pranayama - a Jivamukti Yoga Workshop  
Patanjali discribes the ashtanga yoga, the eight-limbed yoga path in his Yoga-Sutras. A possible aprroach to an open perspective, deep understanding and the experience of our unlimited potential and creativity. The different practices allow us to slowly sharpen our focus on the unchangeable true nature of our existence, which we eventually meet within us. Due to our way of living, our diet, social conditioning - due to our definition of what's real or not (mostly given through the collective consciousness of our environment) and our perception, based upon those principles, a honest view on our own truth, covered by this veil becomes rather difficult. In this workshop we will approach parts of those practices and establish a possible connection to our great potential. With kriyas and practices of nada-yoga (the yoga of sound) we will cleanse our koshas (body-layers) deeply - so a feeling of clarity and balance can arise. When the body, mind and breath are cleared and opened through those practices, we set the base for a dynamic, challenging asana-practice (for all levels, some experience is recommended, though). What we started with kriyas, we will continue with asana on a more subtle level. Becoming aware of the energy within us, we will then begin a journey towards our very core - through pranayama, conscious, focused breathing we eventually arrive at a point of clarity, peace and freedom. Finally, here we find total silence. A silence that doesn't occur through the outside, but arises from within, with a smile....

Date : Sunday 24 August
Time : 11 – 1.30pm
Price : 35€


Kirtan with Petros & support
Music is something moving, the proof of the Greek quote "panta rei - always flowing" And when the further ingredients are devotion and prensence, something magic can happen,something that has been described by yogis as "ananda - bliss". This state is nothing far, fixed or framed. It is the state, when intuition, strength and spirit harmonise in the Now. Harmonies are the foundation of music - and so we come together to spontaneously experience, what the word itself actually describes: Harmony (greek: armonia: to bring together; the union of opposites to one whole). So the greek root of the word, that describes the union of opposites is nothing other than something very familiar to us: Yoga!

Date : Sunday 24 August
Time : 8.30pm
Price : 25€


There is a special price of 80€ if attending both workshops and Kirtan


* Petros lives in Munich, Germany and runs three Yoga Schools. He is a regular guest teacher in many yoga-schools of different styles around the world and has taught at many international conferences and festivals. He teaches Yoga-Workshops on Asana, Pranayama, Nadam and Philosophy, is a well renowned Kirtan-Singer.  His students say, they feel inspired by the joyful and both, authentically deep and light teachings. Summers he spends mainly in his yoga-retreat "Kretashala" located at the southwest-coast on the island of Crete. He was one of the first Jivamukti teachers to be "advanced certified" directly from his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Born into a family of artists and musicians he is a dedicated life long student of arts and music and plays a variety of instruments. He performed in countless concerts and festivals and has published several albums, amongst the most recent "Embrace" in 2009, "Narayana" in 2012 and "Kali" in 2013.

For more information about Petros please visit his website

If you would like to sign up for what should be a wonderful weekend of yoga please contact us at reception or email us at

Monday, 14 July 2014


Dear Yogis,

Just to remind you that our dear friend Mirjam will be hosting a wonderful Yin Yoga event this coming Friday 18 July at our studio in Santa Catalina.   Please see the flyer below for more information. To sign up please contact us at reception or email us at


We have also decided to add an extra vinyasa class to our Portals schedule.  Julia will be teaching a Vinyasa Flow class every Wednesday morning from 9.30am until 10.45am.  The new class will begin on Wednesday 23 July.

We look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team


Dear Yogis,
“Here in this body are the sacred rivers, here are the sun and the moon, as well as the pilgrimage places. I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body”
Sarah Doha

We are so happy to be in our new yoga home and with your energies, support and both mental and physical help we feel very grateful and happy to have mission completed!

We have just finished hosting part one of a Tantra Flow Master Training with Jeanne Heileman. 18 yogis (including a few of our favorite teachers from Earth Yoga) spent 15 days diving deeper into the practice of yoga - both the physical and also the deeper layers of pranayama, the charkas and subtle body.   We are proud to have been a part of this and look forward to part two with Jeanne next year!
We have a some special events taking place at Earth Yoga in the next few weeks.......

This coming weekend Ivana Cosmonova and Justin Caruso will be hosting an AcroYoga workshops beginning with a Thai massage event on Friday 27 June at 7 - 9.30pm.  On Saturday 28 June from 10.30 - 1.30pm there is a Lunar Flying Workshop and then on Sunday 29 June from 10.30-1.30pm there will be a Solar Flying Workshop. These workshops are open to everyone.   For more information please contact  
Please note our regular classes will also be taking place apart from our 7pm class on Sunday 29 June which has been cancelled.

We are so proud to be hosting Janet Stone in collaboration with David Lurey on 11 - 13 July.
Janet will be teaching a strong, inspirational flow here at Earth Yoga after teaching at the Barcelona Yoga conference.

Places are filling up, especially from yogis who live off the island so we want to make sure that “ our “ yogis from the island get a spot. You can reserve with us at earth yoga either at the front desk or via
email or with david at

Last but not least, Mirjam is offering another beautiful yin workshop on Thursday 18 July at 12.30-15.30 . Mirjam will lead us through mindfulness, meditation and the teachings of the energetic part of this practice. For more information please contact us at reception.


Our summer schedule is here and please note the following changes in our schedule starting
1st July ...........
Earth Yoga Santa Catalina:  

NO Tuesday 2pm Kundalini Class with Linda until September
NO Wednesday 8.30 pm class with Mateo until September
NO Thursday 8.45pm classes with Frank until 24 July
NO Sunday evening 7pm class with Frank until 27 July
NO 8am Vinyasa flow classes with Jay on 9 / 11  July

Earth Yoga Portals / Sporting Club:
NO Tuesday 1.30pm classes with Sandra until September
NO Wednesday 9.30am Kundalini Class with Linda until September
NO Wednesday 7pm classes with Agnes for the month of July
NO Friday 9.30 class with Tracy on Friday 4 July
NO Saturday morning classes 10.30am classes with Frank for the month of JULY

The rest of our schedule remains the same for the time being. For the most up to date schedule please visit our website

We send you wonderful summer vibes and look forward to welcoming you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and the rest of the Earth Yoga Team

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Earth Yoga
Dear Yogis,

"Be realistic, plan for a miracle"  Osho

Our moving mission is finally completed and it was wonderful to see so many friendly faces at our first yoga class in our new studio.  Thank you once again for all of your support and your kind words over this moving period.

As you may know we are currently hosting part one of a Master Training with our dear friend and wonderful yogi Jeanne Heileman.   As part of the master training Jeanne will be teaching three regular classes at Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina. They will be held on Friday 13th, Tuesday 17thand Friday 20th June at 10am.

This training will not affect our regular classes as we now have the luxury of two yoga rooms but a few of our teachers are involved in the training.  So we are fortunate to be able to welcome wonderful Ivana who is now back from her travels around the world.  She will be covering the following classes:

Santa Catalina

Wednesday 11 June
2pm Beginner Vinyasa

Thursday 12 June
10am Mindful Mellow Flow

Friday 13 June
7pm Happy Vinyasa - This will be a special class inspired by her travels in the Carribean and volunteer teaching in Latino America for GAYA - Global Alliance of Yogis in Action, that plants the seeds of Yoga in 3rd world countries, this class will also incorporate a gentle Yin yoga sequence.

Saturday 14 June
10.30am Handstands Wonderland - fun class open to all levels, where Ivana draws onto the knowledge from her acroyoga teacher training and its inspiration to work wonders with her own back problem, bringing this practice to students of all abilities, 

Both Friday 13th and Saturday 14th June are priced as normal class, bono card applies

Wednesday 18 June
2pm Beginner Vinyasa

Thursday 19 June
10am Mindful Vinyasa flow

Saturday 21 June
10.30am Vinyasa


Tuesday 10 June
9.30 and 1.30pm Vinyasa flow

Tuesday 17 June
1.30pm Vinyasa flow
Ivana will also be hosting a one off Acroyoga workshop on 27-29 June with therapeutic Acroyogi Justin Caruso. Please see below for more information....


Jeanne Lurey will be offering a Special Aquarian Sadhana to celebrate the summer solstice onSaturday 21 June from 6.30 - 9am. A Sadhana is a discipline that moves us toward cosmic consciousness and self realization.  To reach samadhi or self realization, we must consciously seek to unite with higher consciousness, or simply chose to stay asleep. A sadhu is a being who has disciplined himself. Sadhana is the technique to discipline yourself.  To practice Sadhana means to get up at dawn, meditate, chant mantras, perform asanas, call on your spirit and regulate your breath and join together in group consciousness to help each other and to help the world and the new golden age of consciousness.
Time : 6:30am - 9:00am - 75 min yoga asana - 60 minutes mantra meditation
Open to all - No experience required
This will be a donation based class.

We are also fortunate to be able to welcome Andrea Emmerich to our studio for a one off class this coming Tuesday 10 June at 10am. For more information about Andrea please check out her website 

And lastly we are receiving much interest from yogis around the world for the Janet Stoneweekend of workshops on 11 - 13 July ( So if you here in Mallorca and would like to take part in what will be a fantastic yoga experience then please do not delay in securing your spot! You can contact David Lurey directly at or contact us at Earth Yoga as soon as possible.

We send you much love and look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team xxxxx
C / Despiug 34, 07013 PalmaOur telephone number remains the same : 971 91 88 40

Friday, 30 May 2014


Dear Yogis,

Our new Yoga space in Santa Catalina is nearing completion and so with some sadness we will be closing the doors to our wonderful shala in Sant Magi on Sunday 1st June.   We will be ending on a high with a weekend full of Prana Flow Masterclasses with our guest teacher Nianna Bray. She will be teaching a Mandala Flow on Saturday 31st May and an Arm Balance Flow on Sunday 1st June. Time : (Sat & Sun) 10.30am - 1pm
Cost : €30 per Master Class or a special price of 50€ if you sign up for both sessions.
Please check out our website for more information.

Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina will be closed for three days whilst we make the move to our new space but our Portals studio will remain open and you are more than welcome to practice there (for our Portals schedule please visit our website )  

We will be opening the doors to our new yoga home on Thursday 5 June, with Sandra teaching at 10am.   Our new address is 34 Carrier Despuig, Santa Catalina, 07013.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful support over the past five years and are really looking forward to sharing much more yoga, laughter and love in our new space.

Sending you much love

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team

Dates for your diary

Thursday 5 June
10am Vinyasa class at our NEW STUDIO  with Sandra
7pm - 9pm  Yin Yoga & Poetry with Mirjam Wagner (€20 per person)

Friday 6 June
10am Yoga with Bhooma Chaitanya

1.30pm A special Masterclass with guest Master Teacher, Jeanne Heileman
(More information coming soon)

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Dear Yogis,

“ Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness. Your job Is to simply to do your work…sacredly, secretly and silently ..and those with ´eyes to see and ears to hear´ will respond"
The Arcturians

May is upon us and we feel truly as if time is flying!  We are blessed with living on this amazing island and feel like weather, nature and earth here is right now at it’s best.

We are working long days to finish our new Shala which is really start to look and feel wonderful!
We are also enjoying new yogis coming through our doors visiting or just simply on a new path and finding yoga.

We are preparing for our teacher training with Jeanne Heileman (please see our website for further details) and also look forward to welcoming Nianna Bray, A Shiva Rea certified teacher who will teach both classes and workshops inspired by her teacher and mentor Shiva Rea.   Nianna and Sandra know each other from teaching at the same retreat in soller for many years (The Ashram) and we look forward to welcoming her here at Earth Yoga.

Nianna will teach following classes at out studio in Santa Catalina:

Monday 12 May -  10 am
Monday 26 May - 6.30 pm

She will also be hosting the following Workshop Weekend...
We are also excited to host Mirjam Wagner as she will lead us through the causes and effects of stress and how yoga can help us with reducing and working towards a better balance between body, mind and spirit. 

David Lurey is back on the island and will teach his Immersion of Advanced Postures from Wednesday 21 until Sunday 25 May. It will be a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into your yoga practice and also visit some of the more advanced poses in a safe and nurturing environment.
Contact david at or reception for more information. Please note due to this immersion there will be not 8am class and 2pm class on Wednesday 21st and no 8am classes on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd May.

Last but not least….Angela Fuster will be taking over the Monday evening class at 7pm. We are happy to have Angela back with us again and and she will teach a flow class with focus on breath, fluidity and balance between strength and grace.   Angela has studied with many great teachers inc Mark Darby, Shiva Rae and has taken trainings with Yogaworks and Anusara immersions.  Be sure to come and try one of her classes!

Also, please make sure that you keep in touch with us as we are in the process of relocating to our new studio very soon and would love for you to join us as we open our new space and lovingly thank Calle Sant Magi for all it’s magic and blessings that it has given us!  We want to honor both the old and the new as we take a bold step forward.   Our schedule will also expand when we move into the new shala and we will be introducing new classes like pre natal and postnatal. Hopefully you will have more opportunities to practice with our teachers and also most likely more classes with frank as his classes are expanding every week !

As always, thank you for your practice, breath and heart, we could not do this without you.

Love Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Dear Yogis,

We are happy to announce that we will now be offering two Sunday Vinyasa Yoga Classes starting this coming Sunday 27 April.   Our karma yogi and newly trained Yoga teacher Kim will teach an all level morning class at 10.30am and Frank will continue to teach his evening class at 7pm.

We are also very pleased to welcome Malin Savstam* to Earth Yoga. She will be covering some of Sandra classes in the next few weeks.  Please see below for the dates and times:

Wednesday 23 April - 6.30pm Class
Thursday 24 April - 10am Class
Wednesday 30 April - 6.30pm Class
Thursday 1 May - 10am Class

*Malin lived her old life in the fast lane. She had it all. Lived a wonderful life. A great husband, three healthy children, beautiful home, full time work, nice salary as responsible for an advertising agency in Stockholm. Christmas 2004 her life crashed when she lost her husband and two of her three children in the tsunami that hit Thailand. It was through a friend eight months after the catastrophe that she got in touch with a yoga teacher who encouraged her to come to a class. Malin was, at the start, skeptical but after a few weeks noticed that yoga exceeded her expectations when it came to the physical practice. On top of that something unexpected started to happen within her. Every class felt like a massage of her body from within, where the ice-cold block of concrete in her chest dissolved for a moment, so that she could breathe again.  Before long Malin visited the yoga studio more and more often. Once a week soon became twice and later extended to three times. Today she claims that yoga is one of three things that saved her life.  Malin was trained to a yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance in Stockholm 2012 and 2013. Today she has two weekly classes. One in a church and one in a yogastudio centrally located in Stockholm.  Her classes are dynamic and inspired by the Jivamukti tradition.

We look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Love and Light

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


“I like living. I have sometimes been wildly despairing, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing”   Agatha Christie
Dear Yogis,
As we begin stepping into the most green, lush and amazing spring with the smells of jasmine and orange blossoms all around, it inspires and provides us here at Earth Yoga with new found energy .

This month is all about moving towards completion and the renovation of our new space ….we are very excited about our new home and we are looking forward to sharing this new space with you all soon.   We have a great team of builders and together with my husband Drew they are all working hard to transform an old carpentry shop into our new yoga shala. We will keep you all posted for the opening!
We are happy to host Mirjam as she returns from almost two months in Brazil.  She will teach a Yang & Yin Flow on Friday 18th April. Time : 7-9pm /  Cost : 20€
This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience yang, the fire and the dynamic part of the yoga practice followed by Yin which slows the body down and restores the nervous system. 
We have a lot of exciting workshops, trainings and practices scheduled for spring and early summer this year.  So please save the dates in your diary for the following

Yang & Yin Flow with Mirjam Wagner
Friday 18  April (7-9pm)

Yoga therapy for the digestive system with Mirjam Wagner
Friday 16 May (12.30- 15.30)
David Lurey will be hosting a 5 day immersion in advanced asana practice 
from Wednesday 21 May until Sunday 25 May.   The program will have 2 1/2 hour daily morning asana practice with variations of standing, seated, balance, arm balance and inverted poses.  you will also have afternoon inversions practice and group activities in the nature of Mallorca.  In addition to the asana practice, there will be Yoga Philosophy sessions and group discussions for integrating yogic values into daily life.  For more info , contact us directly or David at
Prana Flow Workshop with Nianna Bray, Saturday 31 May - Sunday 1 June

Special Yoga Class with Bhooma Chaitanya, Friday 6 June at 10am
100 hrs Advanced Teacher Training with Jeanne Heilemann,
Saturday 7 June until Saturday 21 June
and last but not  least ….we are so happy to confirm that Janet Stone will be joining us for a whole weekend full of immersions and workshops
(Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 12 July)

For more information regarding the many special events taking place at Earth Yoga please check out our website for the latest information or contact us at the studio.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who came to our donation practice last Friday supporting 2 year old Maceo in his treatment for Neuroblastoma cancer.  You all helped with your heart, spirit and donation to support the path of karma yoga, the path of action.

Thank you as always for your support and spirit!
Love Sandra and the Earth Yoga team