Friday, 29 August 2014


Dear Yogis,

"And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, "This is important!
And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!"
And each day, it´s up to you to yank your hand back put it on your heart and say,
"No. This is what´s important"

- Iain Thomas

We are super excited to be able to welcome all of our dear yogis back after a long hot summer!   We so very happy to get back in to a routine and of course getting some healthy discipline back into our lives.   Back to our mat, our practice, our breath and our work using this time to detox both mind, body and soul .

We look forward to welcoming Simon Park to Earth Yoga next weekend (5-7 September).

 If you are interested in signing up for one or all of his workshops then please contact us at reception or email us at


Our regular schedule begins this coming Monday  1st September.  We are very happy to add the following classes to our calendar........ (gentle warning there is a lot of information listed below you do not need to memorize it as it is listed on our calender on the website!!)

On Monday 1 September, we will be offering a new lunchtime class (2 - 3.30pm) with Emily Larkin. Emily will be teaching a Yin Yoga :  Healing in Stillness class. Yin Yoga is a static practice focused on the more yin areas of our body, such as the bones, joints and connective tissue around our hips, pelvis, and spine.  It is a beautiful complement to the more muscular, rhythmic (yang) styles of practice. Postures are all practiced on the floor, and held for a longer period of time (3-5 mins).  By practicing in safe and controlled positions, we can surrender into the relaxation of the muscles and allow the connective tissue to be gently and safely maintained. We practice in a state of mindful awareness, fully present in our bodies and sensations that arise within.  The poses and use of breath and awareness encourages the increased flow of chi through the meridians of the lower body, bringing balance and healing.   This class is suitable for students of all levels.

Pregancy Yoga with Philipa will begin on Tuesday 16th  September at 11am. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, give yourself and your baby this wonderful gift. The wise teaching can revolutionize how you experience your body, your baby's development and your baby's birth. This class will take place in the smaller shala in Santa Catalina.   Philipa will also be teaching a Mummy and Baby class on Thursdays at 12pm starting on 18th September. This will be a gentle stretch class that will incorporate playing and singing with your baby.

Katja will restart her weekly Beginner Vinyasa class on Wednesday 3rd September at 2pm

We will be offering an ISHTA inspired / Dynamic Hatha yoga class with Sarah at 2pm on Thursdays. Sarah will begin teaching on 11th September. This class is a wonderful blend of Hatha, breath and alignment . It will be a great complement to those who love a dynamic practice but without the constant movement of a Vinyasa Practice.

We are changing our evening Yin Class with Julia. It will now take place after Sandra´s Vinyasa class on Wednesday evenings. This will begin on Wednesday 10th September.  Yogis will have the chance to practice a flow class and then stay on for a Yin Practice.   Sandra will begin her Vinyasa at the normal time of 6.30pm but end it slightly earlier (after a nice cool down) at 8.45pm. The Yin practice with Julia will then begin 8pm -  9.15pm  If you choose to do both practices (Vinyasa and Yin), please talk to reception for price info.

Mateo will resume his Vinyasa classes in Spanish on Wednesday 17 September. He will teach two classes : 6.30-8pm (level 2 class) and 8.30pm-10pm (level 1-2).

Due to the change of day for the evening Yin Class, Frank will now be teaching his Vinyasa class at an earlier time of 7pm on Thursdays. This comes in to effect on Thursday 11 September.
Jeanne will also be starting a Hatha yoga class designed for people recovering from injuries and for mature yogis. This will begin at 8pm on Thursday 11 September.

We would like to offer a meditation class at Earth Yoga.  Our friend Ezra will be offering an introduction to meditation during Sandra´s Mindful Vinyasa class on Thursday 11 September.  Ezra has a long background in meditation and has hosted many meditation groups over the past years.
If we find we have a group of more than four people then we can then work it into our schedule.  We suggest the following days/times for the mediation class : Tuesday 8.30am-9.30am /
Wednesdays 10am-11am / Thursdays 8.30pm-9.30pm. Please let us know if you are interested in the suggested days/times.

Kundalini with Linda will resume mid September. We will keep you posted.

Our classes in Portals are running as normal!

We send you much love and look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team


Saturday 20 September
Music Together with Bea will be hosting a free demo class at 12.30pm. It is suitable for babies from 6mths to children age 6 years.  Bea takes the children on a musical adventure with singing (both English and Spanish) and using musical instruments.  Please do come along and join in the fun.

20-21 September         
AcroYoga Weekend workshops with Ivana and Daniel Anner. Information to follow

10 – 14 October
Guest Teacher Ashtanga Teacher Christian Klix . Information coming soon.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Dear Yogis,

We are very pleased to be able to offer a Jivamukti Yoga weekend here at Earth Yoga.  We welcome Petros* to our studio in Santa Catalina on 23 - 24 August where he will be hosting the following events.......

Jivamukti Masterclass

Jivamukti Yoga Phylosophy & Practice

Transform yourself with Jivamukti Yoga. A workshop to meet and learn about the 5 tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:  A Jivamukti Yoga class involves an ever changing flow of postures (vinyasa) that is intended to challenge you on many levels. The teaching revolves around a theme based on ancient wisdom and emphasizes the importance of practicing with an elevated intention. Chanting, meditation, and inspiring music are an important part in this form of practice.

The five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga are:

Scripture ~ source teachings from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures.
Bhakti ~ devotion; finding a greater purpose for our lives.
Ahimsa ~ non-harming; understanding how our actions affect other beings.
Music ~ Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound), chanting and listening to good music.
Meditation ~ turning inwards and reconnecting to our true selves

Date : Saturday 23 August
Time : 11 – 1.30pm
Price : 35€

Kriya / Asana / Pranayama - a Jivamukti Yoga Workshop  
Patanjali discribes the ashtanga yoga, the eight-limbed yoga path in his Yoga-Sutras. A possible aprroach to an open perspective, deep understanding and the experience of our unlimited potential and creativity. The different practices allow us to slowly sharpen our focus on the unchangeable true nature of our existence, which we eventually meet within us. Due to our way of living, our diet, social conditioning - due to our definition of what's real or not (mostly given through the collective consciousness of our environment) and our perception, based upon those principles, a honest view on our own truth, covered by this veil becomes rather difficult. In this workshop we will approach parts of those practices and establish a possible connection to our great potential. With kriyas and practices of nada-yoga (the yoga of sound) we will cleanse our koshas (body-layers) deeply - so a feeling of clarity and balance can arise. When the body, mind and breath are cleared and opened through those practices, we set the base for a dynamic, challenging asana-practice (for all levels, some experience is recommended, though). What we started with kriyas, we will continue with asana on a more subtle level. Becoming aware of the energy within us, we will then begin a journey towards our very core - through pranayama, conscious, focused breathing we eventually arrive at a point of clarity, peace and freedom. Finally, here we find total silence. A silence that doesn't occur through the outside, but arises from within, with a smile....

Date : Sunday 24 August
Time : 11 – 1.30pm
Price : 35€


Kirtan with Petros & support
Music is something moving, the proof of the Greek quote "panta rei - always flowing" And when the further ingredients are devotion and prensence, something magic can happen,something that has been described by yogis as "ananda - bliss". This state is nothing far, fixed or framed. It is the state, when intuition, strength and spirit harmonise in the Now. Harmonies are the foundation of music - and so we come together to spontaneously experience, what the word itself actually describes: Harmony (greek: armonia: to bring together; the union of opposites to one whole). So the greek root of the word, that describes the union of opposites is nothing other than something very familiar to us: Yoga!

Date : Sunday 24 August
Time : 8.30pm
Price : 25€


There is a special price of 80€ if attending both workshops and Kirtan


* Petros lives in Munich, Germany and runs three Yoga Schools. He is a regular guest teacher in many yoga-schools of different styles around the world and has taught at many international conferences and festivals. He teaches Yoga-Workshops on Asana, Pranayama, Nadam and Philosophy, is a well renowned Kirtan-Singer.  His students say, they feel inspired by the joyful and both, authentically deep and light teachings. Summers he spends mainly in his yoga-retreat "Kretashala" located at the southwest-coast on the island of Crete. He was one of the first Jivamukti teachers to be "advanced certified" directly from his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Born into a family of artists and musicians he is a dedicated life long student of arts and music and plays a variety of instruments. He performed in countless concerts and festivals and has published several albums, amongst the most recent "Embrace" in 2009, "Narayana" in 2012 and "Kali" in 2013.

For more information about Petros please visit his website

If you would like to sign up for what should be a wonderful weekend of yoga please contact us at reception or email us at