Friday, 31 October 2014


Dear Yogis
“ We are born to be real, not perfect”
We welcome another month and notice the days getting shorter, the season of Vata coming into its own rhythm and the cooling down at night. We have been blessed by an amazing fall, with warm weather and bright days but now there is also a longing for slowing down, enjoying the stillness that the cooler and darker months give us.
Earth Yoga has blossomed during the month of October and we have enjoyed welcoming Christian Klix to Earth Yoga as well as offering quite a few new classes on the schedule.   We feel as always such gratitude to our new and old friends who keep supporting us in what we love to do.
For the month of November we have many things to share with you……
To celebrate the Taurus full moon Andy and Anna will be hosting a Gong and Didgeridoo Sound Mediation on Tuesday 4 November.  The mediation takes place directly after Jeanne´s Kundalini Class.

Jeanne Lurie will be hosting a Healthy Breast Awareness Workshop on Saturday 8 November at 11am.

On Sunday 9 November (1pm – 2pm) Join with Emilly Larkin and Emmeline Gee from the Mallorca Laughter Club for an hour of laughter and general merriment! They will do a series of laughter exercises and deep breathing exercises to get you giggling and guffawing. It's a great stress-buster and should leave you smiling for the rest of the day :-) No experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and to laugh your troubles away. All ages welcome. Suggested donation to cover our costs: €5-€10

We are really honored to welcome Meghan Curie to our studio.  Meghan is a good friend of Brent Mackay and through her teaching on the island last year, we are really happy to be able to welcome here at Earth Yoga.  We understand that many slots have already been taken so if you are interested in practicing with Meghan and experiencing her soulful teachings then please contact Earth Yoga as soon as possible as it will soon be sold out!

Unfortunately David Lurey´s workshop on Saturday November 8th has been cancelled.  David has been immersed in teaching with Mirjam in their level 2 training in Crete and when the opportunely to study with one of his favorite teachers during the weekend of the 8th November came up, he decided to join this teacher for some new inspiration.   He will be back at Earth Yoga later in the month. Together with Mirjam they will be hosting a Shiva Shakti weekend on 28 – 30 November:

We also wanted to remind you about our new classes that  have been added to the Autumn schedule
Mondays : 
2pm - 3.30pm         
Yin Yoga, Healing in stillness with Emily Larkin. This is a wonderful way to slow down, going deep within both the physical  and mental body
8.30pm – 9.30pm   
Open Meditaion with Ezrah Donation based practice.   (Beginning Monday 10 November)
10am – 11-30am   
ISHTA Yoga with Sarah. A mindful, slower paced vinyasa practive with focus on breath and alignment.
11 – 12pm               
Pregnancy Yoga with Phillipa. If you are pregnant or planning to become, give yourself and your baby this wonderful gift. The wise teaching can revolutionize how you experience your body, your baby's development and your baby's birth.
2pm - 3.30pm         
Kundalini Yoga with Linda. A yoga practice taught in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan where students feel renewed, open and centered after the practice.
8.30am – 9.30pm /  
11.45 – 12.45pm    
 Open Meditaion with Ezrah Donation based practice.
 (Beginning Wednesday 5 November)

6.30pm – 8pm        
We have added a Vinyasa Practice in Spanish with Mateo. This class takes place at the same time as Sandra´s Vinyasa class. If you or you know of anyone who would be interested in a Spanish only practice then please come along to experience Mateo´s teachings.
10 – 11.30                
We have added an extra morning Kundalini  practice with Linda. This takes place in the smaller shala and takes place at the same time as Sandra regular 10am Vinyasa class.
1pm – 2pm              
Mommy and Baby yoga with Phillipa. A chance for mums and babies to practice, meet and bond together.
2pm – 3.30pm        
ISHTA Yoga with Sarah
Vinyasa Flow with Rebecca. If you are looking for a strong vinyasa class then this will be a class to come to.
 All of our other regular classes are running as usual and we are so proud of all of our teachers from Katja, Angela, Margit, Agnes, Jeanne, Linda, Frank, Mateo, Jay, Sarah, Emily, Julia, Rebecca, Tracy and Phillipa.  Sitting in our long overdue teachers meeting on Tuesday it was with such joy to see all of our teachers talking about how we can grow together and share what we love – YOGA.
We are happy to announce that we now also see Ziva´s most popular juices and snacks at Earth Yoga. You can buy a Zen or Detox juice or snack on Maca Truffles or Super Balls.
Later in the month we are very excited to have Ulrika Forsell, an Ayurvedic Life Coach join our team. Ulrika will be at Earth Yoga on a regular basis, offering Dosha Consultations and coaching on both lifestyle and nutrition to support your body, mind and spirit.   If you are interested in booking a consultation with Ulrika, please contact her at ulrika@behappy.seor Earth Yoga at
And finally, unfortunately we have decided to cancel our lunchtime class and evening classes in our Portals studio. We will be keeping our regular morning classes and also our Kids Yoga classes on Monday afternoons. For the latest schedule please visit our website and click on the schedule for Portals.
That is it for now, we send you blessings, love and look forward to sharing lots of soulful practices with you!

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team