Thursday, 27 November 2014


Dear Yogis,

Once you have flown,  you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return”
Leonardo da Vinci

I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day, a day where we are reminded of all the amazing things that life has to offer and a day where we take a moment to stop and honor the people, beings, animals that are in our lives.    It is proven many times that when we as people choose to give thanks, choose to stop in our tracks and look at all the things that we do have in our lives, we are much happier.

So being grateful is good for the body, mind and spirit!    As we become more conscious of the things that root us, that we sometimes take for granted, we then become more free to fly .

We are embarking on December,  a month of preparing for the holidays, socializing, baking, eating and being together. We love this month and look forward in supporting you to also let go, breathe and come back to centre even though your outer world may be busy.

However we end November on a high with a Shiva Shakti Weekend hosted by Mirjam and David. They are back home in Mallorca for a while from long travels teaching everywhere from Crete to Germany.

There are still a few spaces left so if you would like to sign up for what will be a nurturing and wonderful way to welcome the month of December.  Please contact either Earth Yoga or contact Mirjam and David directly /

Due to the Thai Massage Exchange taking place on Friday evening, where silence and stilling the mind is very much the focus, there will be NO 7pm Vinyasa class with Agnes.   Please note that Katja will be teaching her regular 10.30am Saturday morning practice but in the smaller shala. As there will be two classes going on at the same time on Saturday morning, please be a yogi and respectful of keeping voices down both before and after class!  Rebecca will contine to teach her regular 10.30am class on Sunday but again due to the Yin Yoga and Live Music event taking place in the afternoon there will be no 7pm vinyasa class with Frank..

On Tuesday 2 December, we are happy to offer our monthly Full Moon Gong Meditation with Jeanne Lurie,  Anna and Andy here at Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina. We will practice Kundalini Yoga from 8.15 pm- 9.15 pm and then the Gong meditation with Anna and Andy will begin right after at 9.20pm until 10.20pm. This will be in combination with the full moon and it is a powerful very healing way to practice . If you come for either Kundalini or the Gong meditation separately, the price is 14€ but they work really nicely together for a combined price of 20€

Katja will be hosting our first workshop in our space in Portals !
The date is Friday 5 December from 12- 3pm.  She will teach and break down Surya Namaskara A ( Sun Salutation A) in a very safe and alignment based way. We are limiting the spaces to 10 people and we already have quite a few sign ups, so if you are interested in how to approach this very healing and common practice, please contact us at

On Sunday 14 December, Jeanne will be hosting her Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop, this time in Spanish.  Jeanne teaches how to both prevent and stay your most vibrant, in order to avoid breast cancer.  She will teach breathing techniques , food, supplements and asanas.

Also on Sunday 14th December (4-5pm), we are happy to welcome once again Emily Larkin and Emiline Emmeline Gee from the Mallorca Laughter Club! Join them for an hour of laughter and general merriment! They will do a series of laughter exercises and deep breathing exercises to get you giggling and guffawing. It's a great stress-buster and should leave you smiling for the rest of the day :-) No experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and to laugh your troubles away. All ages welcome. Suggested donation to cover our costs: €5-€10   Do not miss this healing moment to let yourself go, laugh and see the good things in life!

On Saturday 20 December,  our dear Jeanne will be offering an early morning Sadhana. A Sadhana is a discipline that moves us toward cosmic consciousness and self realization.  To reach samadhi or self realization, we must consciously seek to unite with higher consciousness, or simply chose to stay asleep. A sadhu is a being who has disciplined himself. Sadhana is the technique to discipline yourself.  To practice Sadhana means to get up at dawn, meditate, chant mantras, perform asanas, call on your spirit and regulate your breath and join together in group consciousness to help each other and to help the world and the new golden age of consciousness.
Time : 6:30am - 9:00am - 75 min yoga asana - 60 minutes mantra meditation.   Open to all - No experience required.   This will be a donation based class.

Our Prenatal Yoga & Mummy / Baby Yoga classes with Philippa will be paused on Tuesday 9 December and Thursday 11 December as Phillipa is away. But they will then resume again the following week.

Our dear meditation teacher Ezrah has been doing wonderful meditations here at our shala in Santa Catalina and we hope to host meditation classes in our shala in Portals very soon.  However, Ezrah is going away to Mexico for the holiday period, so we will have a break from the meditation sessions from December 14 through to January 7.

Finally, as we are moving closer to Christmas, David Lurey will be covering a few of Sandra´s classes as she will be busy preparing for the Theatre production of “ A Christmas Carol” that will be running from 12th - 21st December at the Teatre Municipal Catalina Valls, Passeig de Mallorca 9, Palma.

It is a family show and many people dear to us are participating….Sandra, her husband Drew ( aka Mr Scrooge) their children Joshua and Aidan and Jay´s daughter Lucia.  If you are interested in seeing the show which is a wonderful blend of music, spirit and actors from all ages then please contact for more information.

As for David´s classes over the next coming weeks, he will be teaching the following dates / times :

Thursday 4 December
10  - 11.30am

Wednesday 10 December
6.30 - 8pm

Thursday 11 December
10 - 11.30am

Friday 12 December
10 - 11.30am

As many of you know all of David´s classes are a great blend of deeper listening, dynamic movement and pranayama.

We wish you all the most blessed month and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team

PS . We will be sending out our Christmas schedule a bit closer to the holid