Thursday, 7 January 2016


Dear Yogi´s

"At the moment of Commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you"


Welcome 2016, this year, this life, this amazing opportunity to clean the slate, begin again and to rise to the core of your true being. As we enter this new year, there is a feeling of lightness and almost as if a heaviness has lifted as we leave the past year behind us. 

The past year was in many ways a turbulent one for the world and we had to come face to face with humanity and a deep humanitarian crisis as people from all over the world became displaced and were knocking on our doors . It demanded from us to either connect to the core of empathy and then act upon it, or to simply look the other way. And if we connect this back to the practice of Yoga, the core of the teachings of this path is to realize that we are in fact all ONE, and what happens to Mother Earth and our fellow beings, both animals and humans, affects us all.
So, this is a calling to all of us to show up for this year, this opportunity and for this life ! May our choices reflect our hopes and not our fears as Nelson Mandela , so beautifully put it.

Here at Earth Yoga we have enjoyed some wonderful full amazing practices at the end of the year and it is inspiring to see how many people do show up to practice, even during the holidays. Our New Years practice had almost 40 people setting intentions, practicing together and sharing the feeling of new beginnings.
We stay committed to host at least one Donation based practice per month, we will choose different causes for different months , our main focus last year was the refugee crisis, animals in need and awareness of the climate movement.  

During the month of December we also hosted a weekly donation based Meditation led by Mirjam Wagner and with your generous giving, we collected 450 euros over the course of 5 weeks , Thank You !    

We are happy to continue the meditation practice (donation based) which will take place every Monday in the small shala from 14.00 - 15.00.  Sandra and Sarah will take turns to lead the practice and feel honored to continue this sacred and vital part of the practice. So, please join us and feel the benefits of stilling the mind.

We are also happy to announce another donation based Aquarian Sadhana Practicewith Jeanne.

It will take place on Saturday 16 January from 6am - 8.30am
Dedicate these beautiful early morning sunrise hours to yourself, your soul and your highest destiny and your awakening."

All monies raised will go to the JoyRon Charity for Abused Children.

English y EspaƱol! All Are Welcome!!

Kundalini Practices with Jeanne will continue on Monday mornings at 8-9.30 am and Tuesday evenings at 19.45. Our lunchtime Kundalini Yoga class with Linda will resume on Tuesday 26 January at 14-15.30.

We have decided to change the structure of the Monday Evening Practice with Angela at 19-20.30. Angela will begin the practice with a dynamic and flowing practice for the first 45 minutes with focus to build heat, strength and then prepare for a more detailed focus on alignment toward the remainder of the practice . You will have the opportunity to explore alignment in a different way and poses that perhaps have felt out of your comfort zone before .

The remainder of the classes will stay the same, except that we have changed days for our beginners practice with Sarah, please note that the new days / times
are : 
Wednesday  14-15.30 and Friday 10-11.30

We have also decided to add Kids Yoga Classes (ages 6 - 10 yrs) back into our schedule. They will take place in the smaller shala at the same time as Teenie Yoga every Monday from 16.45 -17.45. They will be taught by Sarah and Sandra.

To give our students more variety, we are also trying to label our classes with levels so that the practice can more meet the needs of our yogis. Please look at our calendar for levels in the next coming days.

Level 1-2  Beginners 
Level 2 Intermediate 
Level 2-3 Intermediate to more advanced 
We are happy to welcome back Mirjam Wagner for another inspirational weekend of Moving into Stillness. The Workshops will take place at Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina on 22 - 24 January. It will be a wonderful experience for body, mind and soul and to allows you dive deeper into the soul of the practice.

Please contact us for more information or to sign up. Either talk to us a reception or email us at

David Lurey will host a Kirtan at Earth Yoga on Sunday 31st January ( his Birthday!) and we are really happy to welcome him back to Earth for singing , sharing and raising the vibrations. You do not have to have any experience from before , just an open heart and ready to participate with some great music.

Time : 19-21 Hours
Cost: Donation based

In order to host the Kirtan this Sunday, we will move Frank's Vinyasa class to 17-18.30.

We also want to remind you of the opportunity to commit for 6 months or 12 months unlimited card. The pricing is a bit different and please talk to Jay or Sandra at reception if you are interested!

Wishing you a magical beginning to this new year, happiness, practice, self reflection and good thoughts that lead to good action
Much Love 
Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team


We are very happy to have The Palma Youth Theatre Company using our space to offer two acting classes per week beginning 14th & 15th January.

Ages 12 to 14, Thursdays, 17.00 - 18.00
Ages 15 to 18+, Fridays 17.00 - 18.00

For more information please email or contact Drew Donavan directly on (34) 652 828 512