Monday, 29 February 2016


Dear Yogis,

“ We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”     Maya Angelou

March is upon us and we encourage ourselves and all of you, dear loyal yogis, to really step into your strength, truth and practice.    What keeps coming back to me and to a lot of the friends and souls around me, is the importance to guide our thoughts in the right way and to keep our practice as one of the main tools to steer our ship back on its course.

"Our thoughts can limit what we are capable of doing .
Our mind is good at setting us up for failure and getting us to think small .
But I have found that we will do for love that which we don’t think is possible.
So the question to ask ourselves is : “ What do I Love “?

 Julia Butterfly Hill

We have been brainstorming and asking ourselves at Earth Yoga, how can we grow, reach out more and how can we become more truthful with our practice and our core of being each day?

So we have created a few more classes, and challenges both for mind, body and spirit. Some of our dear yoga teachers have been away, seeking inspiration overseas like Katja , Brent and Julia.   They are now back and happy to be teaching again, and we are happy to have them back!   Angela is taking the month of March off to travel and to immerse herself into an advanced teacher training.   We wish her an amazing journey and know that she will come back inspired and ready to share more. While Angela is away Rebecca will guide and teach our Monday evenings classes.
If you have never had a class with Rebecca , come and join her on Mondays at 7pm. Her classes will challenge you both physically and mentally and will leave you feeling energized.

Starting in March we are very happy to introduce two new classes to our schedule:   
We have a big drive to get more
Men to visit and practice here at EarthYoga.  So beginning 
Thursday 3 March, Kim will be teaching a "Men ’s Yoga" at 10 - 11.30 am in the small shala. These classes will focus on clear alignment, building strength at the same time as really stretching the body.   Please help spread the word and for every new man who signs up they will get 40 % off of their first class or 40% off of their first bonocard.

We are also introducing a “ Gentle Yoga “ class with Stefanie Witschel. This will begin on Wednesday 9 March in the small shala at 10 - 11.30.  Stefanie will be teaching a hatha based practice with a focused approach to mobilizing the spine and strengthening core muscles. The class will always end with 45 min of Yin poses. Again the same 40% discount applies so if you know of anyone looking for a softer practice and if this is their first time at Earth Yoga then please get them to talk to us a reception.

We will continue our monthly donation based practice which take place one thursday per month. Last month we practiced for UNICEF, and especially to the department focusing on children suffering from the effects of war. This month our donation practice will take place on Thursday 10 March, all donations will go towards the orphanage and childcare centre called Nazareth, located here in Palma. They educate, house and take care of children who can no longer stay with their parents.

We are very happy to welcome back Dr. Marcus Klische and our dear yoga teacher Katja Katzmarcik who will be hosting the second Meditation & Yoga Course here at Earth Yoga from 15 until 17 March. If you are interested in finding our more about the course or would like to sign up please do get in touch either by email or speak to us at reception.  

Katja will also be hosting two special Chakra Workshops over the Easter Weekend. On Good Friday (25th March) she will be teaching a workshop based on the three lower chakras (Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Manipura) and on Easter Sunday (27th March) she will be teaching a workshop based on the four higher Chakras (Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara).  Each workshop will include an asana practice focussing on the poses relating to the different chakras as well as an in-depth discussion regarding the meaning of the chakras and how it can relate to your own personal well being.   The time for each workshop will be 11.00- 14.00 and will cost 45€. We have a special price of 80€ if you commit to both workshops. If you are interested in signing up or would like to know more please contact  Both workshops are open to all yoga levels and beginners are very welcome.

To continue our Yogi of the month theme, we would like to introduce our
March Yogi of the month : Albert 

´Albert is one of our senior practitioners and yogis here at Earth Yoga and does an incredible job by coming to practice with us on an almost daily basis. Albert came to Yoga when he lived in Hong Kong for some years and searched for a way that would allow him to relief stress and find a different environment to his daily life in the city. Albert has spent a lot of time practicing yoga in Hong Kong and Bangkok and said that the difference is amazing because, compared to most of us in the West, people are much more flexible. When I asked him what it is now that he loves about yoga, Albert said: “Not doing yoga is like not eating.”   Taking up yoga at 60 years old, Albert has practiced yoga for 10 years now and has become an amazing example of what yoga can do for you, no matter how old or flexible you are! Albert’s favourite pose is trikonasana, triangle pose. And he wanted to add that his most disliked pose is pigeon! Albert has been practicing with us at Earth Yoga for almost 6 years now and loves the authenticity of the people here. We feel honoured to have such a worldly man practicing with us! Thank you Albert and keep up the effort!´

We have placed a suggestion box on our tea table in front of sofa, we would love to have your feedback and suggestions for how we can grow, improve and inspire more.  Sometimes you may even find a chocolate next to the box if you leave us a note!   We also kindly ask you to like our FB page and maybe even leave us a note there too. And we are also on Instagram we are @earthyogamallorca please feel free to follow our Earth Yoga journey.

Sending you all much love and inspiration to grow, encourage and act.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team


Sunday 3 April : Earth Yoga & Lucky Bodies
 ´Open House´
This free event will include mini yoga classes from the different types of yoga classes we offer at the studio, informative talks, food and finishes with a special Restorative Yoga Class hosted by Sarah and Sandra. More information to follow



Thursday, 4 February 2016


Earth Yoga
Dear Yogi´s and friends
"Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Love is the bridge between you and everything."

This past month was a very inspiring one and it passed very quickly.   We set intentions, we set foundations and created a clear space for what we intend and visualize for this coming year.    January is always filled with hopes, dreams and longing to move beyond and further than the year that passed...The challenge is to hold on the spark through out the rest of these winter months and to keep insisting that there is perhaps a better way, new ways to look at things and above all to come back to the place of Love and dare to look at our fears with honesty.
So , this month we inspire you to keep manifesting, creating and trust that the seeds that we sow do have a positive impact and can help make this world a kinder place.
We enjoyed a beautiful Yin Workshop with Mirjam Wagner in January and also ended the month with a wonderful Kirtan with over 50 people who showed up to sing our hearts out with David Lurey and band.
This month, we want to inspire you to keep up your practice daily.   Even if you do not make it to class everyday, see if you can practice off the mat.   We will offer you some suggestions to how to keep your practice alive and vibrant even if you can not make it to the studio:
Take 10 minutes and move slowly through Surya A and Surya B.
These namaskars have a familiarity in them and most of us know them by heart.
They still have the magic of building breath, strength and endurance.
Create and altar in your home, office or wherever you spend a lot of time.
When you create an altar , you alter something in yourself. A candle , a quote, a photo, mala or just anything that holds value for you.

Sit in silence. Place your timer, begin with 3 min, then add to 6 minutes and then 12 minutes , etc . Focus on breath or a powerful mantra .  
My favorites that ground me are : So Hum ( I am all of this , I am all of that ) / Om Nama Shivaya (Shiva is the strength of patience , steadiness and energized tranquility and also the destroyer o Ego) so when we repeat this mantra we are calling upon our higher self.

This month, we have an Emotional Bodywork intensive weekend with Thilo Engel taking place at the studio (12-14 February).  For more information or to sign up please contact


Our regular classes will continue as normal with the exception of our 2pm Tuesday Kundalini Classes with Linda which will we pause for the time being.  

We will host our monthly Donation yoga class next Thursday 11 February at 10am. All the proceeds will go towards UNHCR, the UN'S department for caring of children. Please come and let us give together.

We are also thrilled to have Kim working with us for the next 10 weeks, not only is she a wonderful yoga teacher but we have the fortune of having her with us as an intern. 

"My name is Kim, I am 23 years old and I am German but grew up here on the island. I am very excited to introduce myself as an intern for Earth Yoga during the next 2 months! I am currently studying in Amsterdam for the Bachelor of International Sport Management and Business. As part of this programme, I will be doing several internships and I was lucky enough to do my first one here, at Earth Yoga. Earth Yoga is the studio where I first started a regular yoga practice, where I taught my first yoga classes and where I will now do my first internship. Earth Yoga has, therefore, been a big part of my “yoga path” so far and I am incredibly thankful that I now get to give back something to the studio myself.
For the next 2 months I have joined the Earth Yoga team to help with promotion and outreach programmes. You will be seeing me around the studio a lot and I look forward to getting to meet some new faces. I might also take photos during/before/after some classes. In case you do not wish to be photographed, let me or the studio know! Hopefully you are following Earth Yoga on Instagram (@earthyogamallorca) and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with anything that is going on in the studio!"

Kim´s first project for Earth Yoga is to introduce yoga to the men of mallorca! If you know any guys out there who may be interested in yoga then please tell them about the studio and as a bonus they will get 40% off their first class!

And lastly, keeping with the male theme and also continuing to keep the Earth Yoga community alive we would like to introduce our  
February "Yogi of the month

Matt started with yoga because he was looking 
“for something different” from the gym and usual exercise and appreciated the connection with the body that yoga provided him with. Matt has been practicing yoga for a year and started with yoga by taking a retreat in Spain. He loves the strengthening and conditioning aspect of yoga but very much enjoys the meditative side to it that comes by working with the breath. Matt loves Earth Yoga for its welcoming feel, positive energy and kind people. He especially appreciates being able to practice with different teachers that all have their own, unique styles. Matt joins Earth Yoga on an almost daily basis and has been very dedicated to his yoga practice. That is why we choose Matt for our Yogi of the Month! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

We look forward to seeing many of you at Earth Yoga very soon


Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team