Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Dear Yogi´s,

"What if all the challenges that we are facing today is happening for us - a transformation that inspires us to change and re imagine everything we make and do - we begin to live in a different world. We take a 100 % responsibility and we stop blaming others.  We see global warming and all other challenges that we face as an invitation to build, innovate and effect change.  A pathway that awakens creativity, compassion and genius. This is not a liberal agenda, nor is it a conservative one. This is the Human Agenda."
By Paul Hawken from the book Drawdown.

Although the above quote does not necessarily touch upon the specifics of yoga, we still feel that as yoga embraces all and means union - this is very much part of our path. To take responsibility, to act and to create new pathways.   We begin with ourselves - new pathways of thinking, new pathways of breathing and movement........and then we take it beyond ourselves and into the world.

July is here and with July we are embraced by heat, the sea and many visitors taking part of the beauty that is our island. We are happy to welcome so many yogis who want to continue their yoga practice, even when they are away on holiday. Earth Yoga is open all summer and we love to meet old and new yogis on the mat every day.

In our Santa Catalina studio we will continue with most of our regular classes during the summer months, apart from the few changes mentioned here:

We have decided to switch our daytime Yin Yoga class on Mondays to Saturday Mornings.   Yin Yoga with Emily will now take place on Saturdays during the summer in the small shala at 10.30am.
Katja´s Saturday Morning Vinyasa Class will continue as usual in the large shala.  Our Yin Yoga class on Tuesday evenings at 6.15pm will remain the same.

* Mateo will take a break from his Wednesday evening Spanish Vinyasa Class through the summer and he will begin again in September .

* Our wonderful Prenatal and Mommy & Baby classes with Yasmin will have a summer break until September.

* Our Tuesday evening Hatha Yoga class with Jeanne will also take a break until September.

We are very happy to welcome back David Lurey to our Santa Catalina studio. He will be teaching the following classes:

Monday 31 July at 10am
Wednesday 2 August at 6.30pm
Monday 7 August at 10am
Wednesday 9 August at 6.30pm

David has been a dear teacher and friend of us since we opened our doors and his teachings are full of heart, energetic movement and sharing the depths of this practice and his love for music.

Our studio in Portals will remain open during the summer months and we are so grateful for this haven overlooking the sea in Portals .   If you are living the area of Bendinat, Portals or Cala Major - make sure to visit our studio in Portals and our dear teachers Katja, Agnes, Danae and Julia who devote their time and love there . 

For the most up to date schedule for both our Santa Catalina and Portals studios please visit our website :

For those of you who are interested in taking part in Jeanne Heileman´s Tantra Flow Yoga 300hr Teacher Training (Part 2) which will take place from 16 - 27 October. Please remember that the cut off for the early bird price is August 16th 2017. If you would like to find out more about this special training which is not only for Teachers but for any devoted yoga students who are looking to learn more about their own practice, please do get in touch with us. Our email address is If you would like to find out more about Jeanne please visit her website 


We hope that you take care of your true self through the summer months and as wonderful as it is with sun, sea, friends and family - stillness is where all the answers lie and all is quietly resolved.

With love 

Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team