Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Dear Yogis 

" In the depth of Winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invisible summer " - Albert Camus 

We are just a few days away from the holidays and whether you celebrate Christmas and this time of the year or not - this is a wonderful time to pause, take stock and spend time with loved ones.   It is also the time where we all need to look deep in our hearts of what really matters at this time of the year ......... beyond the material things and more into where can we give more of our time, energy and love .

Belonging is that innate human desire to be a part of something much larger than us.   This longing is primal and we all have it. We must never sacrifice our true selves to fully belong.   So at this time of the year, where do you truly belong, where would you connect with giving more and sharing more?

We so grateful to close this year with the support and love from so many of you. We have had a wonderful year full of new experiences, new beginnings but also some challenging endings.   We want to take this time of the year to really acknowledge what we received and what we have lost.

We have been blessed with new wonderful teachers coming into our space this year like Silje and Annie and guest teachers; Chris Chavez, John de Kadt, Nico Luce, Joan Hyman and many more wonderful teachers crossing our paths.   

We have donated to causes like Cleanwave, Animal shelters, Allan Graham Children's Foundation, cancer treatment groups and sometimes to private people in need.   

We have hosted inspiring Teacher Trainings not only with our teacher Jeanne Heileman but also with Brent McKay, David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner.

We also lost one of our dearest teachers, Emily Larkin.  She left us far too soon after a challenging battle with cancer and now we keep her close to our hearts as we teach and guide students and ourselves through the practice in this space that she loved so much.

We keep all of these experiences close to our hearts and we grow stronger as we recognize both the Light and the Shadow.

We are happy to announce that we are open for most of Christmas!

Jay will teach the regular 10am Vinyasa Yoga class on Monday 24th December and after the morning class the studio will be closed until Thursday 27th December. Our regular schedule will then continue apart from our 2pm classes which will  restart again in January. 

On Monday 31st December, Sandra will once again host a Special New Years Yoga Practice where we set our intentions and breathe, sweat and flow together.   Katja will also teach a New Years Practice on Monday 31st at the same time of 10am in our Portals studio.  In both practices we will set our intentions and prayers for the New Year - bonocards are accepted for both classes.  On New Years Day both studios will be closed.

Please visit our website : for our most up to date schedules.


There is still time to sign up or give a wonderful Christmas gift to a loved one through purchasing the gift of a 3 day immersion of Introduction for Yoga for Men with David Lurey.   David has been successfully guiding these workshops for the past two years for friends, husbands, partners or colleagues who happen to belong to the male species!
Come and find out what yoga is about through a very holistic and safe way, guided by David Lurey. The dates are Friday 11th until 13th January. Please see the poster below for more information on how to register.......

We are sad to lose two wonderful teachers after the New Year. Our dear Silje who has been guiding us through inspiring Jivamukti classes every Saturday and filling in for a lot of other classes, will be returning to Norway. We are so grateful for the time that she has been here to share with us her practice and wish her all the love and happiness as she moves back to her native Norway.

Our dear Rebecca has also decided to focus more on her natural movement training and has given  up her regular Sunday morning classes.   Rebecca has poured her heart into her classes that she has been teaching here at Earth Yoga. She feels now is the time to spread her wings and take all the new information and knowledge that she has been gathering the past few years and really focus on that.  She wishes to express deep gratitude and love for all the wonderful students who has practiced with her throughout the years and the growth that you have all provided her with .

We will let you know very soon who will be stepping into the shoes of Silje and Rebecca.

Last but not least - we are soon embarking on part one of our 300 Hour training with Jeanne Heileman : 11 - 22 March 2019. This will be covering the first 100 Hours of a 300 hour training for students who really want to take their teachings as yoga teachers further or to grow as a student on the path of yoga.   There is still time to sign up and we would love to guide you or answer any queries that you may have about this training.  For more information please visit our website and click on 300 Hours Teacher Trainings or go directly to Jeanne's own website

Finally ... wishing you a blessed and sacred holiday filled with togetherness from your loved ones, sharing food, heart and giving to those in need .

Thank you for all the love and support that you give us - we could not do this without you .

With Love 

Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team