Friday, 8 February 2019


Dear Friends 

"Truth crusaders and activists need to see themselves as the healers as they truly are. And healing usually includes disruption. Raising your voice can be as treacherous as it is liberating.  When you stand for your soul- you become the leader we all need."
From Danielle de La Porte 

We are now in the middle of February and spring is just around the corner.  Almond blossoms, green fields and a sense of real clarity in the air.  Maybe this is a time to re visit your souls journey and path - what do you stand for, what do you want to fight for and what is worth for you to go out of your way to give a little more to others?

We hope that you have gone into February with inspiration and that you can make time for this very healing time in nature ....

We are offering a few special events this month and would love to see you here with us.

On Saturday 16th February we are looking forward to bringing a piano into our large shala in Santa Catalina and offer a healing Yoga class led by Sandra Donovan and accompanied by pianist Larissa Richter.  This will be a 2 hour offering and it will take place at 10.30-12.30.   Please note that there will be no regular Vinyasa on this day but we will offer our 10.30am Yin Yoga class with Anny in the small shala as usual.   This event will cost 40€ as we are renting the piano and bringing in Larissa but we know it will be a beautiful experience. To confirm your place for this magical event please let us know by Monday 11th February so that we can make arrangements for the piano delivery.

We are returning to a seated meditation with Jeanne Lurie every Thursday morning. This will take place right after Sandra's 10am Mindful Vinyasa practice and the meditation will be for 20 minutes . We highly recommend those of you who want to move into a regular meditation practice to stay and take this opportunity.   This will be a donation based meditation and we will donate to different charities dealing with our environment and the welfare of all beings.

Jeanne will also be continuing her Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes this month every Monday at 8am and Wednesday at 2pm. The intention and mantra for the month is  : "To love is to give - to give is to have - to have is to give - LOVE. To listen deeply to the un struck sound - Anahata - and radiate the love from our heart to our hands to the world.

We are super excited to introduce Toddler Yoga to Earth Yoga! PranaSol Toddler Yoga is open to all Toddlers (approximate age range 1-3 years).  Parents are invited to stay for class (actually parents are encouraged to stay!). Classes are themed as we travel on Yogic adventures:  Expect cute asanas (poses), breathwork  with props, yoga dance, yoga games, group and partner work, some mini Yogi fun and a guided relaxation to end each class before mini yogis float home. The class will begin at 4.15pm and you can buy a bonocard of either 4 or 8 classes. If you would like more information about the class please contact Emma at



We are also really happy to introduce our longtime friend and yogi Zoe.
Zoe will be offering healing treatments here at Earth Yoga and we would love for you to benefit from her holistic approach and to give you the attention and care so that you can receive from her healing. All treatments  will be offered with  100 % love guaranteed.

Treatment Rahani : 
Rahani is a gentle yet effective energy treatment that helps balance the heart centre and offers healing of the emotions on a deeper level.
By helping you detach from fear and negative thinking it can help bring more compassion into your life . Zoe will use essential oils as part of the treatment.

Treatment Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal detox massage : 
This works deeply on the digestive system releasing tension , knots and blockages . It is great for anyone suffering from bloating , gas, constipation but also long term issues with IBS.

Zoe is also a yoga teacher which makes her especially attuned for those who want to move deeper into their own healing using yoga and treatments as tools.


Part One of the 300hrs Tantra Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Jeanne Heileman is filling up really nicely but there are still a few places left . If you are interested to taking your practice to another level then this would be a wonderful opportunity to learn from Jeanne who has over 30 years of experience . This module is for those who already have a 200hr Teacher Training and also for those who want to move deeper into their own practice for personal development and understanding the more deeper layers of our subtle body. The course runs from Monday 11th until Friday 22nd March. For more information please speak to Sandra, Katja or Jay or email us

For those of you who are interested in taking a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, our in house teacher Brent Mackay is hosting his training here at Earth Yoga beginning Monday 4th March. For more information please contact

We send you much love and look forward to seeing you at Earth Yoga very soon.

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team