Monday, 29 June 2020


Sharing Yoga, Friendship and Community

Dear Community

"Inhale the future, Exhale the past"

We are happy to announce the end of pre registration for all of our studio classes. From now on you are welcome to come to class without the need to plan ahead. For extra peace of mind we have opened up both shala's in our Santa Catalina studio so there is now more space for you to practice.

As requested by our students we have also added an extra Yin Yoga Class with Annie which will take place at 10am on Sunday mornings starting July 5th. Yin is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga which can very beneficial especially as we enter the summer months here in Mallorca.    

We look forward to sharing our yoga and energy with you all.
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We are excited to offer our first Earth Yoga Retreat together with our wonderful yoga teachers Danae and Emmeline. This magical event will take place here in Mallorca in September and will include daily yoga, hikes, massages, healthy meals, workshops and the chance to unwind surrounded by nature 
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We are looking forward to welcoming Sandra back to teach at Earth Yoga for two special classes in July.   She will be offering a Mindful Vinyasa Yoga morning class on Thursday 16th at 10am and a Vinyasa Yoga evening class on Monday 20th. All are welcome. No need to pre register.


Thursday, 29 August 2019


Dear Earth Yoga Community,

Welcome back, welcome home and welcome new yogis!

We are so excited to soon step into Autumn and getting back to some routines and our regular schedule introducing some wonderful new teachers and changes that we are positive will bring our community wonderful new inspirations.

We have had a really busy summer here at Earth Yoga and we are so happy to have the many visitors during these months when many of our regular Yogis (whom we just adore !) are away for the summer.

Some big transitions and transformations have taken place since June. Sandra, the founder of Earth has re located to Sweden and we had a wonderful ceremony in July to celebrate new beginnings but also to share our love for what has been created here together.  Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of those who came and especially to Jay, David and Mirjam for organizing it all . An evening that will be held in our hearts always.   Sandra is in daily contact with Jay and Katja and will come back to teach and visit as much as her schedule allows!

This Autumn we have decided to introduce some new wonderful teachers and also some new classes to our schedule. We are excited for them to share all of their knowledge and be a part of our vibrant community.  Please share a practice or two with as many different teachers as you can as we all have something unique to offer on this yoga path.   Yoga teaches us to be free from attachments and one of the pillars is to stay open and we would love to encourage all of us to try new and different teachers and workshops.

We welcome the following new teachers in to our Earth Yoga family:

Julia Mander will be teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga every Monday at 10am. Julia began her yoga journey in 2003 and after completing her 200hr Yoga training she had the great fortune to continue her studying with one of the founders of Yoga Works -  Maty Ezraty.  Maty influenced not only the depth of Julias teaching but also helped guide her daily course taken on and off the mat.  Julia moved to Mallorca in 2017 with a mission to inspire with her artful blend of dynamic vinyasa flow, mixed with precise alignment and correct breathing. Her wish and intention is to share the teachings of her masters spirit during her own classes.

Sara Kristensen will be teaching Yoga for Beginners on Tuesdays at 10am and on Wednesdays at 10am she be teaching a Strong Vinyasa Flow.  Sara started teaching yoga in Sweden 2013 and founded Yogalito yoga studio in Båstad with a friend shortly after.  Four years ago she moved to Palma with her family. She loves the island life and is passionate about the Earth Yoga community.  Her yoga is described as a playful Vinyasa Flow.

Joshua Marin-Hepfi will be teaching a Promayoga™/ Strong Vinyasa Flow every Thursday at 6.30pm. Promayoga™ is a contemporary form of yoga, it is highly technical, focusing on proper alignment with frequent anatomical references.  This class encourages progressive mastery of one's body, allowing the practitioner to develop greater strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, as well as overall body awareness.  

Silje Bjørnholt is returning from Norway and will be teaching Vinyasa Flow on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm and Friday mornings at 10am. Silje has much experience teaching both Jivamukti Yoga and Flow Yoga and her practices are filled with Movement, Breath work and Love.

We have also added/amended classes to the Autumn schedule with some of our regular teachers:

Emmeline  will be teaching Gentle Flow Yoga every Monday at 6.45pm and again on Saturdays at 6pm.  Many of you will have shared a class or two with Emmeline and we are so very happy that she will be spending more time at Earth Yoga starting in September.

In addition to her regular Tuesday morning ISHTA Inspired Flow, Sarah  will be offering Gentle Flow & Restorative Yoga classes in the small shala on Thursdays at 2pm and Fridays at 10am.

Jeanne  will now be offering her Kundalini Yoga class at 10am in the small Shala on Mondays instead of 8am.

Anny will be teaching the 8am Vinyasa Flow class on Wednesdays as well as continuing to share her Friday 9.30am classes with Yasmin in the Portals Studio. She will also continue to teach her very popular Yin Yoga class on Saturday mornings at 10.30am

Jay has begun teaching the regular 10am Thursday morning Mindful Vinyasa Flow class which incorporates flow, breath and stillness. There is also the option to stay for a free 15 min Meditation session straight after the class.

We are so very grateful and extremely proud of all of our teachers here at Earth Yoga in both Santa Catalina and Portals. With their love, dedication and guidance we have been able to create and continue to create a wonderful community of yogis here in Mallorca.


For our most up to date schedule please visit our website

We have pleasure in offering  a wonderful Yin Yoga & Hang Drum evening with Mirjam Wagner and Miguel Hiroshi. It will take place on Friday 20th September. Spaces are limited so please do get in touch if you would like to sign up for this magical event.


We will be welcoming our dear friend and teacher Nico Luce back to Earth Yoga in a joint venture with Brent and his new outdoor shala in Campanet!  Share an indoor Friday Evening session at Earth Yoga followed by an outdoor ( weather permitting!) Saturday morning in Campanet.   If you have never taken a class with Nico Luce, we cannot encourage you strongly enough ...he has such depth, grace and warmth. It will take place on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October.   Please contact us as soon as you can to register for one or both sessions.

We will be hosting a special Yoga class with Live Piano on Saturday 26 October. This special Vinyasa Practice will be led by Sandra and Larissa, who is a gifted piano player, will play live piano throughout the class.  Please join us and feel how the piano music not only affects your whole being but also carries a deep soothing calmness for your nervous system. Timings & more details will follow soon. But be sure to save the date!


We are so happy to have you back dear new and old yogis , let us together create the community and world that we want to live in.  More togetherness, more love, less plastic, less hate, more awareness, more outreach to charities and people who do amazing things, less complaining, more action and more trust.

Thank you for taking the time ,

With Love

Earth Yoga Team 

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Dear Friends,

"Healers are not holy beings sent down from the Light, they emerge from the darkness after learning how to heal and radiate the glow of transformation"
Pauline Germanos 

This comes as a joint newsletter with the month of March sweeping by with both challenges and wonderful happenings.
For many of us the month of March has awoken us to how things get sticky when life, transportation etc does not flow........It seems like the globe is awakening but the awakening is also met with a lot of resistance.  What did inspire us though was the massive cry out from children and teenagers all over the world, asking us grown ups and leaders to do something real about climate change .   The young peaceful warrior called  Greta Thunberg from Sweden at only 15 years of age has managed to mobilize children and young people from all over the world to rise and ask for more action when it comes to global climate change.   We are very happy to collaborate with Cleanwave here on the island, a wonderful organisation that works to reduce plastic on our enviroment and that mobilized the march on Friday 15th March with young people here on Mallorca for Climate change.

This weekend we celebrate the return of Spring and Light with Agnes leading her yearly practice of 108 Sun Salutations. This will take place on Saturday 23 March - 10.30-12.00.    Bono cards are accepted and please note that this will take place instead of our regular Vinyasa class.


Our Yin Yoga Practice with Anny will take place  in the smaller shala as normal.

Also on Saturday from 16.30-18.30 we are happy to host our friend Dilhani with A Yoga with Essential Oils Workshop for cleansing and rejuvenating our bodies, minds and spirit.   This practice will include the benefits of using essential oils, asana, pranayama and meditation. This workshop is open for both students and teachers - please come and join us. You can email us or please pass by reception to sign up.

In April,  we are happy to introduce our second Live Piano and Yoga Class with Sandra Donovan and Larissa Richter
We were moved by the effect of the live piano and the grounding and stillness it produced in both students and for Larissa and Sandra.  Last time was a wonderful success with over 30 yogis breathing , moving and sharing both yoga and the sacred stillness of live piano music.   Please join us for our second class on Saturday 13 April  - 10.30-12.30. Cost 40€ 

Last but not least, we are offering an introduction to Aura Transformation with teachers Anni Sennov and Aamod Korhonen. In short the workshop will go into how Aura Transformation can provide a permanent and radical expansion of consciousness creating synergy between your charisma, drive, intution which also combines and leads to physical action.   It can help heal unconsciously hidden agendas and old programming that is blocking you from living your highest potential.   This workshop is for Free and takes place on Monday 1st April at 14.00.

Sending you so much love with a full moon just around the corner ,

Love Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team