Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Dear Yogis ,

" I love Autumn and Winter more. Something opens up in me then - something soft and deep and glowing - which is far too shy to expose itself to the inexhaustible light of summer "
From The Enchanted Life by Sharon Blackie

You may not prefer the fall and winter but yet, if we did not experience the fullness of all seasons ....we would miss a very important time of moving inward, taking rest and nourishing our souls from all the outward motion towards the inward motion.

We have experienced the heavy rains which really brought devastation to parts of the island but also beautiful, crisp mornings with sunfilled days. The leaves are turning, the sea is getting cooler and right now we have a stunning full moon casting it's golden light over the mountains and sea.  We are  also living in times when spiritual connection is vital to ground us, heal us and connect us back to the innate wisdom that lies within us all.

We are loving having all of our dear yogis back from summer and classes and weekends are full of loving souls and teachers filling our shalas both here and in Portals .

This month of November we are offering a few very special events that we hope that you can and would like to join .

We are really enjoying being back at The Joan Miro Museum the first Saturday of every month for a 45 minute meditation in front of the paintings of Joan Miro.   We are doing this for the second year in collaboration with The Fundacion de Joan Miro .   This Month we will be there on Saturday 3 November at 9 am - 9.45 am.   The meditation is donation based and all proceeds go to charity.

We would love to see you there!

We have a wonderful workshop weekend taking place from 9 - 11 November we are really excited to share our dear teacher Silje and her friend, musician John de Kadt . They will be offering a gorgeous blend of yoga, drumming and storytelling .

Friday 9 November - 10am - 12pm 
A Vinyasa Flow Practice which will include drumming and story telling by John. This will a slightly longer practice than our regular 90 min practice but regular price and bono cards are accepted.

Saturday 10 November 10 - 12.30
This practice will be begin with drumming and story telling with the memory of our ancestors way of sharing stories ...this will then lead into a fluid Vinyasa Practice with heart openers and live drumming.

Sunday 11 November 12-14.30 
A YIN, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra Practice to live music.

This will really be a unique opportunity to move into stillness while the sounds of live music support your way there.


As part of the workshop weekend, David Lurey and John de Kadt will also be also hosting a Kirtan on Saturday 10 November at 7pm. This will be a donation based event with all proceeds going to charity. Suggested donation 10€

To celebrate the life of our dear yoga teacher and much loved friend Emily, we will be hosting a Donation Practice on Thursday 15 November at 10am. This class will be taught between Sandra and Mirjam Wagner and all proceeds will go to a cause that was very close to Emily´s heart - helping the removal of plastic in the ocean. We really hope to see as many of you as possible at this very special practice.

On Saturday 17 November at 4pm we are happy to welcome Jack back for a healing concert with Tibetan Bowls . This will be a healing session where we lie down and receive the healing sounds of the tibetan bowls . Time will be 60 min and will cost 20€.   Jack will also offer individual healing sessions right after the concert (10-15 min per session) for the extra cost of 20€ .

Finally we welcome back our dear friend and teacher Christian Klix who will be hosting two workshops on Saturday 24 November and Sunday 25 November. In the first workshop he will be leading us through conscious ways of moving ourselves upside down and on the path to handstands.  Christian has a unique way of teaching 7 steps to mindfully and safely come up into handstand. The second workshop takes place on Sunday and is focused towards Pranayama, the Bandhas and Kriya Essentials. To register please contact us at info@earthyoga.es or pass by reception.


We will have soon completed another beautiful 200 Hour Teacher Training with Jeanne Heileman and as always we are humbled by the wisdom of the practice, of the teachings of sutra, asana, pranayama and most of all open heart.  Jeanne will be teaching an open class at 10am on Monday 5th November and we would really recommend you coming to experience her wonderful teachings - bonocards will be accepted. After the class there will be an opportunity to find out more about part one of her Tantra Flow Yoga 300hr Teacher Training which will take place at Earth Yoga from 11 - 22 March 2019.  www.jeanneheileman.com


And finally we are please to announced our good friend David Holzer’s new Secret Writing Mantra online course is now live on DailyOM.   Many of you will know David as a member of the Earth Yoga community. He’s a professional writer and yogi who teaches yoga for writers. David’s latest online course ‘The Secret Writing Mantra’ has just gone live on the hugely popular DailyOm platform.   The course is for anyone, at any level, who writes or who wants to.  Sign up and you’ll learn David’s yoga sequence for writers, find your own secret writing mantra, and learn strategies for living a yoga-writing life.

For more information please click on the following link :

Thank You, Thank You for all of your loving support and for gracing us with your practice .

Love Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team

Ps. Remember we have some wonderful DoTERRA oils on Sale at Earth Yoga, feel free to pass by the studio and take a look and have a smell!

Monday, 10 September 2018


Dear Friends,

"Wilderness is of course difficult but if we have braved it on our own, we will be painfully aware of our choices moving forward. We can spend our entire lives betraying ourselves and choosing fitting in over standing alone. But once we have stood up for ourselves and our beliefs, the bar is higher. A wild heart fights fitting in and grieves betrayal."
From" Braving the Wilderness "by Brene Brown

Welcome to September and the beauty of fall. The wilderness mentioned above by Brene Brown is the path of finding our own voice, our own ethics and how to brave standing up for our core values and beliefs- even if it means standing on our own. It is a longing in all of us to feel like we truly belong, but we must never sacrifice ourselves to belong - a true belonging invites you to be who you are, while fitting in demands you to change who you are in order to be accepted .

Through Earth Yoga and our practice we hope to inspire you to find out who you truly are and also have the sense of true belonging as you enter the shala. We help to encourage ourselves to look a little deeper, speak up a little louder over injustice, and no longer accepting sacrificing yourself to fit in .

We have a great Autumn coming up with many wonderful guest teachers and Events taking place:

We are looking forward to welcoming Jeanne Heileman back to Earth Yoga. She will be offering her deeply inspirational Tantra Flow Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training.   It will take place from 17 - 30 September / 22 October - 4 November 2018.

The training is for those who want to deepen their practice and get more grounded in the physical postures of the practice and it also gives you a wonderful introduction and deepening of The Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, and the history of Yoga.
 As well as students wanting to deepen their practice, it is also for those looking to embark on the path as a yoga teacher and guiding people on their own.  We still have a few spaces available so let us know if you are interested in joining us on this journey which is life changing in so many aspects.

Jeanne will be teaching a public class at 10am on Friday 14th September(bonocards welcome) and directly after the class she will host another information session for those of you who would like to know more about what the training has to offer.

We are happy to announce a special class with LA based teacher Joan Hyman on Friday 7th September at 10am - 12pm.   Joan is here from America on a brief visit and we are happy to share her teachings for this special class.  Bono cards and regular price accepted. 
Please note that this practice is 120 minutes instead of 90 minutes . If you do have to leave the class at the regular time of 11.30am, we will make arrangements for you to do so, but we would love for you to stay and enjoy the whole class!

" The essence of Shamanism, Yoga and Open Floor " with Marie Ljungkvist and Sandra Donovan
Saturday 29 September - 16.00- 18.30 .

We are happy to offer our first workshop weaving together Shamanism, Yoga and Open Floor movement.   This will be a unique workshop where we will introduce the essence of shamanism and the path of connection to the 4 Directions together with a unique blend of Yoga and Open Floor.
To sign up contact us by email info@earthyoga.es or pass by reception.   Please come with a note book, an open mind and comfortable clothing to move in.


This summer we lost a dear and beautiful soul and teacher. 

Our dear friend and beloved Yin Yoga teacher Emily Larkin passed away after a painful and quick battle with breast cancer.  Emily chose to face her illness  surrounded by her dear parents and only a few close friends.  We know that she felt everyones love and care all around her and although she could not respond to all the messages and love she received, she felt it.   She left us far too soon and the mystery of life and death is something we have to accept even if we do not understand it or like it. We remember her as a woman and teacher with a wonderful zest for life, always a glimmer in her eyes and the deep connection students felt from her calm essence as she guided them through yin practice and her healing treatments. We will host a donation practice in October in honor of her Life and donate to a cause that she deeply cared about - the health of our oceans.

We have been very blessed with Stefanie and Annie who have taken over her Yin Yoga classes on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.    One of Emily's teachers and closest friend was Mirjam Wagner and in honoring Emily we are very happy to welcome Mirjam back to guest teach a few of our Tuesday evening Yin Practices this September. As many of you know Mirjam is a gifted Yin Yoga teacher and now travels most of Europe teaching trainings in Yin Yoga and the path of stillness. She will teach on the following Tuesday evenings : 4th, 11th and 25th September.

We also want to thank and honor our dear teacher and friend Julia Thamsen who has taught and shared her love of yoga for over two years in our studio in Portals.   Her enthusiasm, love and care for our students has been such a gift and we are so grateful for all the hours of teachings and preparing she has given us!   Julia's teaching will continue but now from the studio at her and her husband's golf course where she generously donates all her income through practices to charity.   Julia will always be a part of our Earth Yoga Family and we are so grateful for her .


We have a few schedule changes starting in September:

- Jeanne will teach a Hatha Flow Yoga class with healing meditations every Monday at 8am. Begining on Monday 3rd September.
- Our Monday afternoon Yin Yoga Class with Stefanie begins again on Monday 3rd September at 2pm.
 - The Yoga for Beginners class with Karin will now take place on Tuesdays Mornings at 10-11.30am, starting Tuesday 4th September.
- Sarah´s Tuesday morning 10am class will now be a ISHTA Inspired Yoga Flow Class (Level 2/3)
- Sarah will be also teaching an All Level -  Flow, Restore with Yoga Nidra every Thursday at 2pm. This class begins on Thursday 6 September
- Our weekly Prenatal Yoga Class with Yasmin begins again on Wednesday 12th September at 1pm.
- Mummy & Baby Yoga with Yasmin will begin again on Friday 14th September at 12pm

- We are are excited to offer an Ashtanga based yoga class every Friday morning at 9.30am. Yasmin and Annie will be sharing the teaching and they both look forward to introducing you to this wonderful practice  -  All levels welcome !
- We will be offering Monthly Workshops/Masterclasses on the last Saturday of each Month. This Month our wonderful teacher and dear friend Katja will be hosting a Chakra Workshop on Saturday 29 September (10-12.30pm) The workshop price is 25€ and is open to a maximum of 12 students. To register please email info@earthyoga.es or pass by the studio and sign up.

For the most up to date schedule please visit our website www.earthyoga.es

We are happy to announce that Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina has become an official refill station for CleanWave.org. This is a non profit initiative by AsociaciĆ³n Onaneta-Cleanwave who are working towards a plastic free world (you can follow them on Facebook - Cleanwave.org or instagram #cleanwavemovement) This means that if you have purchased a stainless steel CleanWave bottle you are welcome to come by the studio and received filtered drinking water for free! We will also be selling the CleanWave bottles here at the studio.


And lastly,  we are proud distributors of doTERRA oils. The gift and healing qualities of these oils has truly impacted us .  We will be incorporating more of these oils into our yoga practices and will continue to host workshops in essential oils here at Earth Yoga.   If you have any inquiries or want to know more on how to order your own oils, please contact Sandra, Jay or our lovely karma yogi Zoe.

Thank you for being a part of our community and we look forward to sharing our practices with you.

With Love

Sandra and the Earth Yoga Team



We look forward to welcoming Simon Parks back Earth Yoga for a weekend of workshops (5 - 7th October).  More details coming soon.....


Christian Klix is returning to Earth Yoga this November - 24-25th! Book your spot now!

PS: For anyone interested in the Acai Super berry, this new company below is offering 15% discount to Earth Yoga Students:

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Dear Friends,

"Great things are done when Man and Mountains meet "
William Blake 

It can often feel like doing the right thing is the more difficult path to take . That speaking up when our voice trembles and allowing ourselves to really feel with our whole hearts - empathy , compassion , sorrow , hurt and pain of others can sometimes feel too much.   But despite our resistance and our reluctance , I believe that resistance can sometimes be our biggest teacher.   The practice of Yoga challenges us on many levels - our mind, our bodies and our discipline..but if we go through it all and stay with the practice - it offers us many rewards and can be our eye in the storm when everything else might be shaking .   This is the beauty of the practice and the grace of using the tools that we have been given .

We were deeply touched by our community as everyone came together with great generosity to our donation practices last week in both in Santa Catalina and Portals. Together we raised a wonderful amount of money to support a friend in our community that needs our financial and emotional support. Thank You to all of you who so generously donated and to Mirjam and Katja for co teaching with Sandra to share the practice of giving.
We received a wonderful donation from a dear friend and yogi who donated a very generous amount beyond what we ever thought...so THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

We have a wonderful addition to our Earth Yoga family with the special news that Agnes gave birth to a healthy and beautiful boy on the 28th May. We are so happy for her and her partner Alfonso!   Agnes is taking some very much needed time off to dedicate herself to baby and we look forward to when she returns in her own time .

As we move into the summer months we have made some new changes to the schedule and we are really pleased to introduce our new Yoga Power Hour with Frank at Earth Yoga on Wednesdays from 17.45-18.45 in the small shala. 

And we have a weekly Conscious breath work and Healing Meditation with Jeanne every Friday at 10am.

We love our new teachers that have taken on weekly classes here at Earth Yoga,  Silje teaches a Jivamukti inspired class on Saturday mornings, Danae teaches a wonderful Vinyasa flow class on Tuesday Evenings and Annie teaches a great dynamic Vinyasa Flow class on Thursday evenings. If you have not taken or experienced any of their classes yet, please come and try.

Also we have have decided to move our Saturday and Sunday Morning Practice to 10am instead of 10.30am. This is to give our yogis more time to enjoy the day and we feel it is still a nice time to sleep a little longer AND make it to practice at 10am! The time change will begin from Sunday 1 July.


This month we have some great events taking place.....

We begin with our monthly Colloidal Gold & Tibetan Sound Healing class with Sarah Livesey, Jack Pescod and Sandra Donovan. It takes place on Saturday 16th June at 4pm. There is no need to pre register just come along 15 mins before the healing begins.


We are so proud to offer the sacred teachings of Nico Luce. He will be offering two workshops on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June.  He is a truly special teacher and is a good friend of Earth Yoga and Brent McKay. We are so happy that he is coming back and we can not recommend him strongly enough .   He has a way of weaving philosophy, his love for yoga and the sequences in a very special way . Do not miss this opportunity...


Dolores Mihanovich from the Inner Alchemy School will be presenting a workshop on the Male ancestors and its relevance in the Family Tree.

"When we open our hearts to the qualities of a specific grandparent it brings changes to our vibration, to our family, society and the natural world. It increases the light and love in the family tree. These changes are subtle, but very real and can be very powerful.  When we acknowledge a grandparent with sincere gratitude, it brings freedom to the individual and society – freedom from the continuous cycle of suffering.  Discover the possibilities your Grandfathers and  Great Grandfathers offer to you and start healing your family tree."

Date : Saturday 30 June /  4.30pm - 7.30pm
Price : 35€
Information and  registration: 


 We are also approaching the cut off date for our Early Bird price for our training with Jeanne Heileman.   We are so happy to receive the teachings of Jeanne and to offer this 200 Hour Tantra Flow Yoga Teacher Training again. This will be a wonderful opportunity to not only dive deeper into the practice but to learn the sacred tools of yoga ...chakras , deeper understanding of fundamental and more challenging asanas, Ayurveda , meditation and pranayama. Feel free to contact us for more information or support .

We look forward to sharing our summer with you and the great tools of yoga.

With Love

Sandra and The Earth Yoga Team